Sunday, December 20, 2015


In case anyone was wondering how I feel about being at Middle College High School at Laguardia Community College, here is a picture of my daughter Kara, Santa Claus and me at the Middle College holiday party which took place last Tuesday evening.

Thanks to Jordan Moore for sending this out and the students for taking this picture and many others.

I drove home to Floral Park to pick up Kara and then came back to Middle College which is on Van Dam Street in Long Island City after school on Tuesday. You may recall that December 15 was a very busy traffic day and this commute is from one side of Queens to the other.  You think I do that if I'm not feeling positive about the school I am in? Yes I still miss Jamaica High School (many friends, great school, twenty minute commute, etc...), which should never have been closed, but exile at Middle College isn't bad at all.

Enjoy the holiday season everyone.  Only three more school days left.


Anonymous said...

Happy holidays James. And thank you for all you do for both students and teachers each day. May your New Year be filled with happiness and good health for you and your family.


James Eterno said...

Thanks. Happy Holidays to you Schoolgal.

Anonymous said...

Happy holidays. Us loyal readers appreciate you. So glad you found s happy place.

James Eterno said...

I only have the job through June.

curtis03 Lewis said...

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