Tuesday, March 08, 2016


I came upon this little advertisement while reading my email on Sunday. It looks like the UFT's Communication's Department Ministry of Propaganda is expanding or at least not going through any attrition.

This is from the New York City Central Labor Council:


United Federation of Teachers

The UFT seeks a campaign communications professional with a background in labor or progressive nonprofits to join its member communication team.

Candidates should be able to help develop and produce print and online materials for the union's campaigns and to write for the website and the member newspaper. S/he should have strong writing skills and the ability to produce content for a variety of communications channels, including print, website and social media.

Candidates should have a minimum of 2-3 years of experience working in strategic communications or issue advocacy, preferably for a labor union or non-profit, and a dedicated commitment to social justice and the labor movement.

Applicants should submit a cover letter and resume as well as 1-2 work samples to the Director of Member Communications at uftcampaignjob@uft.org.

Nobody asked but this blog is recommending MORE's Mike Schirtzer or Ed Notes' Norm Scott for the position.  They each have a history of doing communications on the internet and Norm also wrote a hard copy edition of Ed Notes for years.  Perhaps Sean Crowley would be interested in relocating from Buffalo. Maybe South Bronx School or NYC Educator are looking for a change.  NYC Educator is regularly published in many periodicals.

I would also think the blogger Chaz might be a good candidate for the job but the ad says the person should preferably have a commitment to social justice which we know Chaz doesn't care for much.

Do any of our fine readers know of anyone who might be interested in spreading the word about how great the UFT is to the world and the membership?

Maybe the union should add that the ideal candidate should have the ability to convince the membership that times are wonderful when so much evidence in the schools contradicts this main UFT assertion.


Mike said...

I am honored that you included me, but I am MOST definitely the wrong one to ever spread the gospel according to unity caucus.

Anonymous said...

Why wasnt i included. I am the master of the internet. No one advocates for me, I mean the union, better than me. When I become president we will attack anyone that attacks me. The propaganda will be pro-porty all the time. I mean look at all I have done for myself . Im me, thats enough reason to hire me for this job. I DEMAND a lunch meeting with Randi. Maybe Ill form another group- if unity allows me to. From now on please include me in every post or Ill FOIL you,
Do you want me to foil you? I think not!
Maybe Ill even show up to your school to protest with my follower (if hes not busy that day)
Porty for President of Porty-land
Yours truly,
Francesco Portelos