Monday, March 21, 2016


We finally have a concrete set of proposals we can work with to start the process of repairing the damage that has been done to education in New York State for the last eight years.  They came in this press release from State Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky from Long Island.

We have copied the entire press release from yesterday below. This is the beginning of a repair job many of us could live with.  Now it is time to put the pressure on the politicians for these proposals to become reality.  Not an easy job but at least we have a plan to "decouple teacher evaluations from test results, end over-testing, empower parents, create needed alternative pathways to graduation for students." Also, the package would "Repeal state takeover of failing schools..." 

Not everything I would like is in here but it is a pretty good start.

Here is the entire press release. Thanks to Stronger Together's Mike Lillis for sending this out.

March 20, 2016
Contact: Halie Meyers, (516) 508-2115 and
Assm. Kaminsky Introduces Education Reforms to Fix Damage Done by Common Core
Parent groups back Kaminsky plan to decouple teacher evaluations from test results, end over-testing, empower parents, create needed alternative pathways to graduation for students

Long Beach, NY – Assemblyman Kaminsky unveiled today major legislation to fix the damage done to New York schools by Common Core.

Parents, students, education advocates and community members joined Assm. Kaminsky in support of the bills, which will decouple teacher evaluations from test results, end over-testing, empower parents, and create a needed alternative pathway to graduation for students.

New York’s public school students and parents have endured years of unproductive, frustrating, wrongheaded attempts at improving our state’s education system,” Assm. Kaminsky said. “Instead of making our schools better, Common Core has added new barriers to a quality education by making it harder to learn, harder to teach, and burdening schools with lengthy, difficult tests that fail to adequately measure learning.

Assm. Kaminsky added: “In order to ensure that all New York’s children receive a high-quality education, these significant changes to Common Core and other education policies must be enacted immediately in order to ensure that each and every child has the best opportunity at receiving the education they deserve.”

Parent organizations praised Assm. Kaminsky’s legislation.
"As we work towards meaningful changes in our education system, our laws must be corrected to allow for this positive change in direction for our children's education," said Jeanette Deutermann, Founder of Long Island Opt-Out and Co-Founder of New York State Allies in Public Education (NYSAPE). "This legislation will allow for a move towards research based policies that parents and educators have fought so hard for. The legislature, Board of Regents, and State Education Department, have identified the significant problems that have grown out of misguided education reforms. This legislation is an absolute necessity to right the wrongs of the Education Transformation Act and bring child centered education back to our classrooms.”

"What Assemblyman Kaminsky has done here is about our children and something that parents have been advocating for," said Marla Kilfoyle, Executive Director of NYSBATs. "As a public educator and parent I am grateful for his support and hope that all our lawmakers can get behind this for our children."

"Our children are the future of this State", said Betty Pilnick from Oceanside. "Without a high school diploma their options are limited at best. I stand together with Assemblyman Kaminsky and urge the legislature to immediately vote to allow my son the chance to obtain a diploma."

Assm. Kaminsky’s education package includes legislation to:

Immediately decouple teacher evaluations from test results and direct the Board of Regents to establish a committee to research and develop an alternate, research-based method for teacher evaluations, which will ensure that students and teachers both have better experiences in the classroom.

Repeal State Takeover of Failing Schools and put the school reform process back in the hands of local educators, parents, and other stakeholders who are in the best position to understand the specific needs of the school district.

Reduce testing by directing the Board of Regents to establish a committee to shorten the length of tests and find ways to increase their transparency. Additionally, tests would be given to students, parents and teachers so that they can be used to improve the manner in which teachers teach and students learn.

Create an alternate pathway to graduation by establishing a Career and Practical Education (CPE) pathway to a high school diploma which would provide a valuable alternative for students who do not wish to take – or are unable to pass – the Regents exams. By teaching practical life skills and training students for a career, a CPE pathway will better prepare all New York students for a future following high school.


Unknown said...

I was there James . I'm also a friend of Todd's . He is amazing guy and believes in teachers across the state . We need to spread this to everyone that supports public education . They need to call their assemblyman and senator to sign on to this bill . If they don't we know where they stand in public education . Spread the word

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I understand this ! Mr.Kaminsky created this problem by voting with a heavy heart to support the governor in his war on teachers and the destruction of public schools. Coincidentally he is now running for state senate and it is politically expedient for him to introduce this legislation to garner votes. Better idea then supporting him, his assembly seat is up in November , find an alternative, support the alternative and picket his office relentlessly. It may not work but continuing to give these party hacks a free pass has definitely not worked. ABT ANYBODY BUT TODD !! Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

Unknown said...

So you'd let McGrath come in who's a Skelos clone and who stands side by side with Flanagan ??

Anonymous said...

Kaminsky sat there and did nothing while Skelos and Silver were on the way to disgracing the entire legislature and said and did nothing. Oh no wait he kissed Andy's ring. All of a sudden he loves teachers and wants to fight corruption. He had the opportunity to stand for that last year and failed to do so . In less than a year has the leopard really changed his spots.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating. I've posted three comments, but, they never go up. Are you blocking? What gives?

James Eterno said...

Post away. We don't block them except for rare instances when they are very vulgar.I don't recall blocking anything in months or maybe even years. There is an email address here too. Email if there is trouble.