Sunday, April 14, 2019


Yesterday, while relaxing with my son the doorbell rang and it was the local cable guy trying to convince me to switch to Charter- Spectrum cable and internet. I told the very polite young man that I am a union supporter so I would not consider switching to Spectrum until they settled their strike with IBEW Local 3 that is now over two years old. He seemed not at all surprised by my answer as he told me that he has heard that response from many potential customers. That gave me some hope.

For those who want an update on the strike, The Queens Chronicle has an extensive article in the latest issue.

Here is the beginning:

Two years and two weeks.

That’s how long it’s been since about 1,800 members of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 3 went on strike against Charter Communications.

“Hundreds” have crossed the picket line, according to the company. The Chronicle could not get a specific number from either Charter or the union before deadline.

The strike started on March 28, 2017, with the union saying the telecom, which does business as Spectrum, was cutting pension and healthcare obligations. Charter said the union wasn’t taking a great deal that included raises for most members, though IBEW Local 3 claimed most of the proposed raises were required by the state’s minimum wage hike.

The most recent round of negotiations died in December after starting months earlier. Days after the talks ended, the union announced a campaign aimed at getting New Yorkers to boycott Charter.

Neither side appears to be surrendering.

 For more information, go to Unplug Spectrum and NYC CableTruth.

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