Sunday, March 22, 2020


I read Sue Edelman's Saturday NY Post article very closely while getting angrier and angrier as she detailed multiple schools that were unsafe but the Department of Education kept them open for staff during the coronavirus pandemic.

The title tells most of the story: "‘Blood on their hands:’ Teachers say de Blasio and Carranza helped spread coronavirus"

One after another, sick Brooklyn Technical High School teachers called union chapter leader Nate Bonheimer last week, to tell him they’d tested positive for COVID-19.

By Friday, five of them had shared the devastating news. But after being notified about each one, the city Department of Education still ordered the 6,000-student school’s 350 staffers to show up for work last week, saying the building had been cleaned.

“The DOE did not close the school for any of the cases,” said Bonheimer, who worries that inaction exposed others to the dreaded infection.

The city failed to follow a March 9 directive by the state Education Department that “requires an initial 24-hour closure, in order to begin an investigation to determine the contacts that the individual may have had within the school environment.”

Brooklyn Tech was not alone.

At the Grand Street campus in Williamsburg, which houses three high schools, a teacher returned from a trip to China over the February break. Despite reports of the outbreak, the teacher did not self-quarantine, but returned to teach kids in all three schools Feb. 26 through Feb. 29, a staffer said.

The teacher then became sick and stopped working. The school was not closed, and employees were not notified, insiders said.

Up to four other staffers have since become sick, they said.

The teacher did not return a message, but a relative said Friday, “He’s very ill, and so is his entire staff,” before declining to comment further.

Last Thursday — after Grand Street teachers worked three days in a row in the building — the principals sent a joint letter saying that “members of our school community” had self-reported positive COVID-19 tests. It did not say how many members or give other details.

And another school building:

At the Jamaica High School campus, which houses three schools, Carlos Borrero, principal of the High School for Community Leadership, blasted a robocall to parents the Sunday before schools closed for students, reporting the school had “one confirmed” case and another “preliminary positive” case identified over the prior two days — while students attended. One was a teacher, Borrero said.

Asked about the announcement last week, the DOE would not give details.

Still another:

At the Grace Dodge High School campus in the Bronx, a teacher self-reported a positive COVID-19 test on Thursday, March 12, staffers said. The DOE did not close the school the next day, when kids still attended before de Blasio announced that all schools would close for students starting March 16.

Teachers received a form letter from Carranza confirming a staffer had tested positive, saying the building was “disinfected.” The school was not closed while teachers worked last week.

“We asked when students and parents would get notification, and they still haven’t gotten it,” a teacher said. The DOE had no comment.

And still another:

At the Bronx’s Alfred E. Smith campus which houses three high schools, teachers reported for three days of training on remote-teaching to begin next week.

“Ten minutes before the end of the last day, the union rep walked through the hall and said, ‘You’re free to leave,’” a teacher said. She asked why.

As custodians arrived in Hazmat suits, the union rep replied, “There’s coronavirus in the building.”

We know of three other Queens High School buildings that house seven high schools that had the same situation with people in the buildings possibly or definitely testing positive for coronavirus. Only one principal from these schools that we are aware of told teachers to work remotely. My educated guess is there were plenty of other schools where someone inside the building tested positive for the Covid-19 virus. Here is another example from Queens.

We completely agree with the conclusion of a DOE employee quoted in the Post piece:

"Some DOE employees believe de Blasio and Carranza deliberately kept the lid on the COVID-19 cases popping up, putting kids and families at risk.

'The blood is on their hands,' one said."

Blame Chancellor Richard Carranza and Mayor Bill de Blasio all you like. But what about the supposedly powerful UFT and its leader Michael Mulgrew?

The best we could get out of the Union for the Post story was this: “Unfortunately, the DOE suspended keeping track of positive cases.” That was from a teacher citing a UFT official. It was not an official UFT quote. On the Chalkbeat NY story on Dodge, the UFT silence says it all:

 The union United Federation of Teachers did not respond to requests for comment.

Thousands of UFT members placed in jeopardy in multiple school buildings last week and the Union is suddenly shy. That is unacceptable. Did the UFT put anything out in writing?

All the UFT had to do was say this: STAY HOME!

This blog was all over this last week as UFT members were reaching out to me asking if they had to go to work inside school buildings if they didn't know if it was safe. I personally have multiple family members who work in the system and I still work part-time in the schools. ICEUFTblog put in writing a piece on Monday explaining member rights and fearing UFT caution. On Tuesday, after learning how there was nothing essential going on in the buildings but more importantly that new coronavirus cases were being discovered inside multiple schools, we pleaded with members not to go to work in schools but instead to work from home.

Buildings were not safe. What was UFT President Michael Mulgrew saying to his members? He was doing a Facebook video telling teachers how to teach remotely.

Here is what Bronx ATR said in commenting on Friday's post on Brooklyn Tech:

Of course, teachers are correct to be outraged over deBlasio’s dangerous leadership and Mulgrew’s timid response (and his deafening silence after schools were finally closed and teachers told to report), but no one forced anyone to do anything. If I had gone in, I would have been angry with myself and perhaps that’s really what’s at issue here. That’s a good thing. It’s a painful reminder that teachers have to start doing their own thinking. It’s also a reminder of what the UFT really is. This reminder can facilitate radical change - not by suing, but by speaking out for your human and contractual rights. If Mulgrew’s allowing you to be sent into biological minefields doesn’t wake you up, nothing will. As some of you start getting sick or worse (and I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen), remember.

Bronx ATR is absolutely right. This is a turning point for me. I have defended staying in this union since Janus was decided by the Supreme Court in 2018 when union dues became optional. I thought we were better off inside than out. We had to keep the union as strong as possible even if we disagreed with the leadership. I'm not sure I still feel that way after what happened last week.

The UFT proved once and for all that they are there to defend their automatic dues checkoff more than their members when they wouldn't tell members in no uncertain terms not to enter buildings that were unsafe unless it was for something essential like making sure kids are fed. The Taylor Law fines public employees in New York State two days pay for every day they strike and denies the union automatic dues checkoff if there is an illegal strike. There is no way in hell in my view the anti-strike provisions were going to be invoked under our current circumstances even if everyone stayed home. And what if it was invoked? As a union leader and a human being, wouldn't you rather keep members safe and worry about dues checkoff later?

On social media, I saw that there was a perception that I only spoke up because I can as a retiree. That kind of infuriated me. Back when I was Chapter Leader at Jamaica High School in 2006, the water was shut off in the building. There was not enough pressure for the toilets to flush. We had no idea why the water was off. I received calls in my classroom about two minutes into the crisis. I rang the UFT and within an hour was in touch with President Randi Weingarten. She immediately called Chancellor Joel Klein who soon thereafter phoned the Principal and the building was shut down. Staff and students were sent home. We were contemplating walking out if they didn't act. We didn't care about the Taylor Law. It was our health and the health of the students. The UFT fully supported us.

There was an Executive Board meeting that evening. Randi told me she would be at the school at 6:30 A.M. the following day and if the water was not on, we weren't going in. It turned out there was construction in the area so the water was turned off purposely but it was turned back on in a few hours. It just took a while for the pressure to build up into the school. The water was fully operational in the morning and the building had been cleaned so Randi ended up with a nice photo-op. The point is that the UFT was fully prepared to keep us out of an unsafe building and we were ready to leave. There was still a semblance of a union operating in 2006.

In 2020, Mulgrew obviously could not have come to all of the infected buildings but instead of being silent, he needed to put the word out that school buildings could not be guaranteed as safe as Covid-19 was spreading rapidly so don't enter them. Did anyone get that kind of memo from the Union? There are times when leaders have to say, F**k it, I'm doing what's right and I don't care about the consequences.

Back in 2010 when the DOE had its Joint Public Hearing with the School Leadership Team to close Jamaica High School, I was screaming points of order in a full auditorium at Deputy Chancellor John White to shut him up as he was dictating procedure for the meeting. A colleague was threatening White that he would settle our dispute with him in the parking lot. DOE security was telling me to leave the auditorium which I refused to do. When they threatened to arrest me, I answered: "On what charge, raising a point of order." I told them to arrest White for not yielding to hear it. It all got straightened out and we never went to jail or the rubber room. UFT officials who were in attendance that evening supported me. One chapter leader who was there compared me to the legendary hall of fame Orioles manager Earl Weaver arguing with an umpire. As a long time admirer of Earl, I took that as a compliment.

I'm not writing any of this to say I am some fearless leader. I'm not. In fact, I am a bit of a germaphobe so the current situation is extra alarming for me. I am scared for my family, friends, the city, the nation, the entire world and of course myself as the Covid-19 virus spreads. We should be worried about the virus and not concerned about the DOE or UFT.

It's time for answers from the Union. I fully acknowledge that Mulgrew helped lead the charge to get schools closed for the kids while the mayor was dithering and delaying. However, why did UFT leadership not tell UFT members in no uncertain terms to keep away from buildings leaders knew might be infected with Covid-19 which by last week was basically all of them? I would hope one of the so-called "independents" on the UFT Executive Board will ask that question. Or, are teachers just going to panic about being forced to be active on a computer for six hours and fifty minutes for online learning this week?

My advice to teachers is to do the best you can with remote teaching but don't worry about it further. Are you going to get a letter in your file if your computer crashes? Nobody said we had to be tech geniuses to be teachers. Stay connected to the students; be positive and reassuring with the kids but don't worry about DOE micromanagement. We have bigger problems now.

As I said earlier, last week's UFT inaction was a turning point for me. If it is true that the Taylor Law prohibition against strikes was more important than member safety to Mulgrew and the rest of the leadership, then it's time for them to seriously think about what their responsibilities are as unionists or to step aside if they are not up to the daunting challenges we face. For the rest of us, we need to rethink paying any dues to this Union if they don't change now. I don't say that lightly.


Be safe said...

How do I stop paying dues. I think I,m sick from going in last week.

Anonymous said...

And as usual, the joke is on us.

Anonymous said...

Saw you mentioned people fearing being live and beholden to home schedules dictated by admin. True, not as big an issue as life and death, but just another bone of contention with the UFT.

The chancellor, UFT, and CSA all said to please stop with the micromanaging and "minutia of scheduling" and various other language stating the same or similar. YET principals are still pushing for one to one check ins, department and faculty meetings, schedules, sometimes down to 30 minute increments, demanding there be lessons up for the week (pretty sure thats ritualized collection right?), then wanting to be added as teachers so they can scrutinize you constantly while trying to justify having a position, and worse.

One of my colleagues with disabled family members and two young children was told if she can't be "live" she should apply for leave. WHAT!! I can't even fathom where they are coming from with all this!

Had to go over my DR's head because she found our schedule acceptable and said we were all lucky to have a job. Would not even take the fight further as our admin blatantly ignored the uft and csa letter!

I, like you, have been a staunch supporter of unions, if not ours all the time, but I never thought I would consider not paying dues, it is barely a consideration now, and even with all this I do hope we can make it better. Faith that we will, on the other hand, is waning.

I know it's tough time, emergency situations, uncharted waters, etc, but saw the UFT halted appr complaints, ok np here no observations yet, but they also halted the grievance process too? Why? Because they expect a lot due to this new frontier of learning we are embarking on? Did the same people that told principals to do what you want and wait until you are told to stop tell them about this too? Empowering them to think they can now rule with iron fists?

Disclaimer- I have also heard first hand many instances of amazing admins who actually do care more about their staff and students than they do about crossing t's and dotting i's for their insane supes. They deserve a round of applause and acclaim!

James Eterno said...

I agree many principals are true leaders who are stepping up and deserve real applause right now. The others need to be exposed. We are at a defining moment now.

Anonymous said...

watch deblas and carranza sweep the whole thing under the rug.

there needs to be an investigation into how many schools were infected but teachers were still forced to go in.

more need to contact reporters. sue edelman's email is

waitingforsupport said...

Unfortunately I hate to say I'm not surprised at how teachers are treated by the DOE and the UFT. Both entities have sold out many children and their families. These students received bogus diplomas. Teachers were ahem forced to pass students who didn't come to school or couldn't read or whatever. The fear of going up against admin wasn't worth it. Instead of sticking together and fighting for your students (even if you had just one student who wanted to learn) many turned their back. Too many teachers (some on this blog and other blogs) sat back and blamed the "wild" "crazy" "criminal" etc students/families who "don't want to learn" "too stupid to learn" "welfare single mom" etc. So, the mayor and Mulgrew turned their backs on you. It sucks to be on the end of a b#$%^ slap right? They put you and your families at risk. They put your LIFE at risk.
For what? For nothing. There was no need to do that. Once again, some of you didn't even stick up for yourself and entered a petri dish. It doesn't feel so good to be treated as if you're less than. Maybe teachers will now get involved and vote at the next election so that Mulgrew is removed. I'm a fan of unions but not a fan of this union leadership. Vote. Vote. Vote. This is your wakeup call. We will all see how this plays out. P.S. Don't get mad at me for writing this (you know i won't give a damn), it's only my opinion. You should get mad at yourself for sleeping on the children of nyc and yourself. Stay healthy. Get Woke. #Firsttheycame

Anonymous said...

I am retired as well but my son is presently working in the schools. I felt it is time to withdraw my dues. The union has forgotten it's members. When your life and your family doesn't matter you don't have a union!

Anonymous said...

Then why the heck does everyone vote yes for the contract and always vote for Mulgrew when he wants reelection? I voted against both. Why are we complaining then?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I stayed home. Take my three days and shove em. Honestly, the uft should fight to get days back if people were out last week. They did it once when schools opened on a ridiculous snow day.

Anonymous said...

I would like to make know a few facts about the enrichment centers. Firstly, it seems that the centers are being staffed by substitute teachers. I am being called for 13 day assignments of one of two shifts- 7 to 1:30 to 12 to 6:30. These are at certain schools in each district. I am being given minimal information about what provisions are being made about my safety in these centers and the children's safety in these centers. I understand that the children will be served breakfast, lunch and dinner by the kitchen staff. The children are supposed to be the sons and daughters of first responders or essential workers. Why do we not have rosters of who these children are who need these services because it seems that it is being run as a drop in service and that is even more disturbing. We will have no idea who is coming or going. This is the very definition of "not lockdowned."

Now the substitutes are being asked to staff these centers. Is there any other school personnel being asked to staff these centers such as school aides, community associates, people from 65 Court? I understand that the teachers are being engaged in online learning. There are other people in the building who are not engaging in this activity. It should be brought to the attention of everyone that school personnel has health insurance and if they were to get sick, their medical bills would be covered and they would use their CAR days to recover. Substitute teachers have no benefits (CAR days)and no health insurance. So if the substitute got sick, they would lose pay, and pay for the medical treatment out of their own pockets. Why is the DOE staffing these centers with the people who have the most to lose? Additionally, substitute teachers cannot collect unemployment now because they have been OFFERED a job during this time period. Many substitutes who are in financially precarious positions are now feeling compelled to take these jobs so they could have some money. This whole plan was put together on the backs of the most vulnerable in the system and with a very sinister agenda to make sure the substitutes cannot collect any money during this time period. Substitutes pay union dues but where is the UFT in this. Nowhere to be found.

Anonymous said...

You can add Walton Campus in the Bronx to this list with 2 known cases already, both teachers. To make matters worse a teacher 2 weeks ago called in sick on Monday because of symptoms felt. This teacher was called my administration to come to work since this teacher was close to 10 absences. The teacher came to work on tuesday and was greeted with a letter from his AP about absences in which this teacher had to sign for. After finishing the week the teacher got tested Sunday because this was the first sign of a fever. The teacher came back positive!!
Now we wonder why NYC is now the EPICENTER OF THE WORLD!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


If you work at this school, you need to expose the leadership.

You need to contact the Post and the News and expose them.

This city needs to hear it!

Anonymous said...

Walton teacher and all teachers with similar stories need to come foreward. We can't make accusations without proof and be taken seriously. We need people to name themselves. Continuing to post anonymously with these kind of anecdotes shows the DOE we will not give any real push back. This will all be swept under the rug. There are no sick teachers from my school as far as I am aware. If I had the name of a sick teacher that exposed staff and students while the DOE covered it up, I'd be on the phone with Sue Edelman naming names of who knew what and when and who specifically covered it up. Roseanne McCosh PS 8 Bronx

Anonymous said...

Every school in the system was a potential minefield last week. I’m sure most of them still haven’t been disinfected. Even if you expose every administrator - why would anyone, except teachers who are already kicking themselves for going in and allowing themselves to be exposed, care? The DOE told teachers to report, knowing full well that all schools were potentially dangerous and Mulgrew allowed it - not a peep. The UFT is the organization you pay dues to and the organization you have entrusted to represent you. It is the organization you should be outraged with - the DOE has always been an indifferent entity - their indifference often tips the scales towards danger, idiocy and meaninglessness - the UFT’s job is to call attention to those actions and balance those scales. Last week they refused and allowed countless teachers to be exposed to a deadly virus in schools, all because they were afraid of losing the automatic checkoff for the collection of dues. All the UFT cares about is money and it’s upper echelon holding onto power via any means necessary.

James Eterno said...

Roseanne is right. Anonymous doesn't cut it any longer. This needs full exposure.

What are people still afraid of? A virtual observation now?

Mike said...

James and Roseanne are correct.

To teachers at Walton in The Bronx,

Expose this principal if this is true.

Anonymous said...

Quick question.

Why do people hate atrs so much at this time?

Anonymous said...

I know you dont want me mnentioning the site, so I wont, but I dropped out today. I have bitched a lot over the years about the loss of 8.25%, open market fraud, retro 11 years later with no interest, small raises, delayed raises, no discipline code, fake grades, etc...This was the last straw. I went in all 3 days last week. I got home Thursday, felt sick to my stomach Thursday night, vomited, slight fever, blurred vision. The uft and doe allowed this. Was mulgrew in these schools? Barr? Hinds? Sill? So now i have been sick for the last week, i cant even get an appointment for a test. I held on the phone for 3 hours to be told they would call me back to make appointment, no call back. Now what? I suffer? We know there have been outbreaks in schools, which were unannounnced. Even if unknown, we knew it was a strong possibility. As usual, thanks for nothing. When they tell me I may die, but that's too bad, the least i can do is pull dues.

Anonymous said...

Please remember that the kitchen staff from DC 37 is still going to work in school buildings while you think they are being closed down and disinfected. Additionally, the kitchen staff will have to rotate around to different open school buildings that have been turned into enrichment centers. Is the kitchen staff deemed in the essential worker class and are they being given proper protections from the virus. They are still commuting to the buildings. Everyone is worried about last week but people are still working int these buildings.

Anonymous said...

I work at a school in Manhattan. We had a staff member out 6 "show up" days before last Friday. This person has reported positive.

Anonymous said...

1:45: I'm in the ATR. Some ATRs have programs while many do not. The ones who don't, don't have to worry about teaching classes on-line since they don't have classes. Therefore, we are getting paid for just sitting around. I call it a full paid sabbatical without any classes. Maybe after all is said and done, the doe will realize what a waste of money the ATR was and will finally give us positions despite what principals want. It's a way to save 100 million dollars.

Anonymous said...

James, if they dont change now? It is too late now. We are sick. Seriously sick. That cant be redone. That is outside the garbage service they have provided the last 20 years.

James Eterno said...

I am still waiting for the explanation for last week's UFT silence.

2:02, Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Mike said...


Sending positive thoughts your way for a speedy recovery.

All the best!


Anonymous said...

Have yall heard how shopping totes are great repositories for all sorts of koodies and are responsible for spreading illnesses throughout localities that passed plastic bag bans?
Those were the sanitary plastic bags I reused as garbage bags.
Now replaced with petri dishes...or trees.
Yet another example of leftist madness.
But hey, Greta likes!
As we watch Western civilization collapse, I really am curious what leftists think since this has been, for years in my experience, what they wanted.
And yeah, as with any transformational change, there will be casualties. Mud huts here we come?

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that response. When will you guys learn? The uft, if not useless, is just about useless. They have failed us and screwed us enough times. They have shown they dont care. I'm glad I stopped paying dues last summer. Proven correct everyday. And you thought it couldn't get any worse.

Anonymous said...

Someone start a petition to have Mulgrew removed before I take my last breath. Stay away from Grace Dodge on Crotona Ave. It’s oozing the virus from every filthy orifice. They should rename it Corona Ave. That building should be demolished!

Anonymous said...

If the Atrs were treated like subs during the regular school year, are they being called to staff the enrichment centers like the regular subs?

waitingforsupport said...

@2:03: Here's praying for those hard working, mostly forgotten employees. I hope they are taking individual preventive measures in spite of their employer.

waitingforsupport said...

@2:40: which school in Manhattan? Why the secrecy? We are our own worse enemy.

Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath, James. This is shameful. I don't see leadership changing their ways and I see teachers yet again just swallowing it all. I'm retiring. I put in my papers a couple of months ago.. March 31st is my last day. God help NYC teachers. Roseanne

Mike said...


Atrs are not subs.

Atrs are full paid teachers still getting paid on the salary schedule.

We are Uft members and have rights.

Atrs are not forced to work at enrichment centers.

Yes. Some atrs do duties of a day to day per diem sub. That is true.

But we are not per diem subs.

Either you are a neophyte millennial teacher or just clueless.

We are all one principal who does not like us away from being an ATR. Remember that!!!!

waitingforsupport said...

@3:35pm: Why are you blubbering about leftists? Greta? Who wants civilization to collapse? Take your evil small minded azz to a rally or something. Folks are trying to stay healthy. Nobody has time to babysit you and your small mind.

James Eterno said...

Congratulations Roseanne!

I am the eternal optimist sometimes. I try not to lose hope that teachers will wake up.

Anonymous said...


Do you know the difference between an ATR and a per diem sub?

Anonymous said...

James has been an optimist for how long? Are you a sucker? I opted out this morning.

waitingforsupport said...

@4:18pm... why would ATRs be sent to the enrichment centers--they aren't subs. Despite the fact that admin utilizes ATRs as such along with some teachers (including dare I say you?) thinking the same, they are NOT subs. Anyway, why do you care about what ATRs are doing? How does it change your duties? Misery loves company. Damn it's pitiful.

waitingforsupport said...

Some NYC teachers behave like zombies.

Anonymous said...

Haha. The joke is on us. So now we are paying the uft $1600 per year to help ourselves die. Wow. You guys are dumb.

Anonymous said...

So when there was a 6 billion dollar surplus we got nothing. When we have a deep recession now...?

James Eterno said...

I understand we are all angry and worried but let's not make the attacks personal against the people on here. No need to call anyone a blowhard. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Question-Please help

We were emailed by our ap that we must log into Microsoft teams by 8 am and log our attendance or absence. our regular hours are 8-2:20pm. Isn't this directly against what the chancellor stated? My requiring us to log it we are being required to work a regular school day.
I contacted my union rep no answer. He is only out for himself. Is this allowed? Thanks

Anonymous said...

So why would the subs be sent to the enrichment centers. They have no car days or medical insurance if they got sick. Who decided that the subs should be on the front lines? I also would like to mention that some subs were teachers.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment. Subs pay union dues and obviously do not have rights according to you. There is no reason to make subs go to the front lines in this situation. They have no Car days or medical insurance. And now they have no unemployment insurance either because if this plan.

Anonymous said...

Brave keyboard warrior "waiting" attacks everyone on this blog and throughout the city using extreme epithets and is unmoderated. Why?
S/he is as anonymous as any anonymous person here; just look at the empty profile.
All I did was point out the hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

James I saw that post before u removed it but don't understand how u censored that when the waiting poster has been far more offensive to far more people for a very long time with impunity. Does this betray a bias or are u using the Danielson rubric of moderation?
All the post said is that w is also anonymous (blowhard was merely an opinion she had).
Lolol again!
I'm out tnx for your service!

James Eterno said...

I am confident she will respond herself. We have bigger worries now.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bill de Blasio
Because of this crisis, we're going to have to make tough decisions when it comes to the City budget. I've directed our budget office to institute a PEG (Program to Eliminate the Gap) for City agencies.

Mike said...

Why do people feel that per diem subs have to go to enrichment centers ? Yes, they will not be paid without school and that does suck. However, they don’t have to go to enrichment centers.

Those are volunteer centers.

And I ask again, why are doe teachers so concerned with atrs etc? Who cares if they get paid? They should! Everyone should.

Anonymous said...

A Brooklyn principal has died due to complications of the coronavirus, the first known death of a public school staff member connected to the epidemic, the principals union confirmed Monday evening.

The principal, Dezann Romain, ran the Brooklyn Democracy Academy, according to the Council of School Supervisors and Administrators.

“It is with profound sadness and overwhelming grief that we announce the passing of our sister, CSA member Dezann Romain, Principal of Brooklyn Democracy Academy, due to complications from Coronavirus,” the union wrote in a statement.

Anonymous said...

A principal in nyc died. Class action lawsuit right now.

Jeff said...

Wow. Last straw? If not that,then never.

Anonymous said...


Mike said...

Blood is on de blasio’s and carranza’s hands for this young principal’s death.

Every principal who has questioned staff members recently for absences due to sickness must be exposed.

waitingforsupport said...

RIP...prayers for her family and the world.

waitingforsupport said...

@9:26 etal: what have i said that's offensive, and I will apologize. In the meantime, let's try and flatten the curve by remembering to wash our hands often, keeping our distance and focusing on getting our nation and world on course.

Anonymous said...

Let's not be so sensitive. As long as we don't use curse words, I am interested to read what people think. Cancel culture has to go along with Covid-19.

James Eterno said...

I understand your point 7:01 but how is attacking each other now helpful?

waitingforsupport said...

@7:01 am I agree. I love a good hearty discussion. I will chill on the cursing and name calling as long as those "educators" don't name call the parents and students. As for me, they can curse me if they'd like.

James Eterno said...

Thank you Waiting. I was defending you but you don't need it. You can stand up for yourself.

waitingforsupport said...

Thank you Mr.Eterno. I can stand up for myself but it's always appreciated when others stand with you. I don't know everything but I do know this: We should ALL speak up when we see or hear things that are demeaning to our students, their parents and to people in general.

ed notes online said...

Congratulations Roseanne. You have been a warrior. Enjoy retirement. Maybe even come down to the diner for some rice pudding sometime.
Here's the reality: Without a vibrant opposition Unity will do nothing and that train has passed - the last time we had a chance was in 2016 and we could have built on it for 2019 but MORE blew it. And no matter how bad things get there is no hope for revival unless there are massive cuts -- which may be coming 1975 like. But even in 1975 when we were at the height of organizing it all fell apart soon after we went back to work with 15,000 less colleagues. But what will happen this time is people will pull their dues and the union will really shrink -