Sunday, October 09, 2005


As the true information about the proposed contract is being disseminated the reaction of Union members, city-wide, is unambiguous. This proposal hurts us as teachers, paras and other support staff in the schools. This proposal fundamentally hurts our Union.

The Union leadership is going into panic mode. They are fearful of a repeat of 1995 where the membership rejected the proposal and they were forced back to the bargaining table.

A notice was sent out from the Union warning of an alleged campaign to disrupt the meeting. This, like the leadership spin, “accept this proposal or strike, now” is just another scare tactic. We don’t need to disrupt anything. When the members hear the truth and read the proposal for themselves it is clear. This proposal must be rejected.

The Union just sent out, by Express Mail, a leadership-spun summary and proposed salary scale to all the delegates. They did not send out the proposal. When you read the proposal, available on the UFT web site, it is clear this must be rejected and our contract really negotiated.

Inflation is at an annual rate of 4.1% according to the U.S. Department of Labor for our area ending August 2005. When you calculate the annual rate of the proposal it equals 3.46% and that’s with the givebacks. Rates for new teachers, per session and coverages are even lower.

So, who does this proposal benefit? Not anyone working in a school. However, if you are an elected or appointed union leader receiving a salary from the Union I guarantee you will be getting a 15% raise in the very near future if this passes.

All UFT members are entitled to be present at Delegate Assembly meetings where a decision will be made about this proposal. Arrangements are being made with the Union leadership and Marriot hotel staff to accommodate as many members that come to the meeting.

We need as many members as possible. Come down to the Brooklyn Marriot on Adams Street as early as you can make it on Tuesday. Tell our leadership we can negotiate a contract that doesn’t hurt us or our Union.

See you there.


NYC Educator said...

Unfortunately I have to work Tuesday night.

Still, I'm very encouraged by Leo Casey's recent forays onto Ms. Frizzle's site, and particularly by his desperate contention that the 37.5 minute "small group instruction" period is not a class.

They are truly scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Anonymous said...

Kill this beast on Tuesday delegates. VOTE NO+

Reality-Based Educator said...

I have to work until 5:30 tuesday evening or I would be there too.

But I am heartened to hear the VOTE NO movement is gaining traction city-wide.

I know at my school the overwhelming majority of teachers are planning to vote against the contract. The PERB recommendations went down to defeat 78% to 22% a couple of weeks ago, and the tentative contract agreement is going to share the same fate.

Anonymous said...

Hope on the today's Daily News article about the contract.
#2 VOTE Randi out!