Friday, September 26, 2008


In no surprise to anyone, the DOE "Fact Sheet" on excessed teachers distorts the picture. They claim that most teachers in excess are finding jobs. However, a closer look at their numbers shows that their open market hiring system isn't working for most excessed teachers. By looking at the DOE's own data which we show below, we can clearly see that well under 50% of excessed teachers are being hired at new schools through the open market.

The DOE admits that "approximately 40% of excessed teachers are reabsorbed into the school from which they were excessed when positions opened." Those teachers basically had to be reabsorbed because the UFT Contract in Article 17B Rule 8 gives them a right of return for a year if a job opens up in their old school in their license area. These people didn't have to write a resume, go to interviews or use the open market. If you take those teachers out of the mix, then it is clear that the the vast majority of teachers in excess are not getting anywhere on the open market. Their own facts don't lie. We need stronger contractual protections, not weaker ones.

Excessed teachers across experience levels are equally likely to be hired to a position at another school:
• 35% of teachers excessed in 2006 with 0-3 years experience were hired by April 2008.
• 41% of teachers excessed in 2006 with 4-6 years experience were hired by April 2008.
• 47% of teachers excessed in 2006 with 7-12 years experience were hired by April 2008.
• 45% of teachers excessed in 2006 with 13-19 years experience were hired by April 2008.
• 38% of teachers excessed in 2006 with 20+ years experience were hired by April 2008.

Another approximately 40% of excessed teachers are reabsorbed into the school from which they were excessed when positions opened up.


Anonymous said...

Credit to Randi for striking an unexpected blow during this "smooth," and feelin' good Fall '08.

Klein is sputtering all kinds of figures but nothing he says explains why a principal can't be expected to find a "fit" for his/her school from among the thousand plus teachers in excess.

Will the NY Times continue to assume that "choice" and "accountability" is a sufficient cloak for all of the DOE's runaway extravagance? Strange days ahead.

Anonymous said...

Thanks ICE for getting the information out.

Anonymous said...

On June 2006 P.S. 314 (Dist. 20) in Sunset Park, Brooklyn was the first school that was reorganized. 47 teachers were excessed and half of them found jobs. The rest are still ATRS in different schools. WHERE IS THE UFT??

Chaz said...

Interesting that Leo Casey didn't publish the Open Transfer System statistics. I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Take back the givebacks.

Rachel Grynberg said...

Where does this leave those of us who don't have schools to re-absorb us because our schools have closed? Most of us are working in positions which are posted as vacancies which which we won't be offered. Two of my friends have worked at schools and found that their principals have hired kids in their stead, no matter how well they appreciated their work.

Anonymous said...

Two years ago I applied for 35 jobs on the mass market {myth} list. I was not called for one interview. The UFT said when a rep came to Tilden HS last spring that we have to send our resume call the school know their mission statement and go to the school and introduce ourselves. This is demeaning especially when talking to experienced teachers.
This whole system was set up to force out experienced teachers. When we asked what happened to Senioity Transfers she said that they were not good and the mass market myth placed more teachers. She even had our uft building rep buying into this. He said yes more teachers were placed with the mass market. But which teachers, the teachers with less than 4 years.
A friend of mine was called by a school in the Bronx to see if he was interested for interviewing fo a position. He stated to them that he lives in Staten Island and it would be a transportation hardship for him to get to that school. The schools response was that they will make a notation that he turned down the interview.
Is the UFT stupid or just in bed with the DOE, which everyone knows they are. This sysytem was set up by Klein and Bloomberg to force senior teachers out. Bloomberg is a corporate person and that is how they operate and everyone knows this except the UFT and Randi

Anonymous said...


"Is the UFT stupid or just in bed with the DOE, which everyone knows they are".


Anonymous said...

Send this stuff to Randi. How can people be ATR's in positions that exist? That is not right and should be stopped.

Anonymous said...

The NY Times painted another scary story
And standing with the ATRs is our very own Randi. At least one teacher in the article put the blame where it belonged--on the UFT.

Back in '05 so many of us warned that this would happen. Instead we got CitySue and Maize over at Edwize telling us what a great deal this contract and the Open Market would be for ATRs.

I have to wonder is these women can sleep at night for perpetrating this crime on teachers. Shame on all 3 of them!

Anonymous said...

An email from Randi to someone at a closing school.

We are trying. I hope you saw Thursday's conference. And I am not giving up job security. It is like tenure to me. Randi

Sent with Good (

Anonymous said...

Is that you Randy writing the previous email? I would like to know what happen with the SALARY/AGE DISCRIMINATION LAWSUIT? Graphic High School already got the answer how about us?

ed notes online said...

Randi's email says it all. "Did you see out press conference?" That's it. A press conference - so she can say exactly that. "Look, we did something. We're trying."

We MUST give Randi points for trying. After helping Klein start the fire, she tries to put it out with a thimble.

Anonymous said...

I called the UFT and spoke to a special rep and I stated to him< does he UFt know that the HS principals are changing the grades so students can graduate. His statement was that the UFT is only concerned with teachers.
Pardon. If we don't take the principals hint and pass all the students they will do away with our department which is what happened in my school.
So it does effect all the UFT members. And when it comes out to the public it will effect Randi. That is why you always see her smiling when she is standing with Bloomberg and Klein and their statements of the increased graduation rate and violence is down in the schools and attendance is up. Randi must know that this is all falsified and it's about time that the public knows about this. Randi takes all the credit for this and states that her teachers are doing a great job. Sure teachers are threatened if they don't pass all their students but they principals will chnage their grades anyway.In order to get their bonus they will falsify the grades to increase the graduation rate. The Public must be told. Bloomberg is trying to do away with term limits and he will tell the public how the schools have improved since he has bee mayor. Get this story to the public

Anonymous said...

Do me a favor, anyone who voted yes for the last contract should stay off this blog. If you did vote yes, man up and say you did so we can rip you a new A-hole. No unlimited sick. No heart fund. No paid maternity leave. No grieving a LIF, no seniority transfers, working more days (coming back before labor day), working an extra period, working a longer day, having to pay out of your pocket for 25/55, no choice on when you can take a vacation, no sick days left in the bank? Well then borrow twenty then 60% pay for six months then no pay until the cancer kills you. If you survive, you may make it back without the home you once owned. The list goes on. If you voted yes, go on the unity blog and cry there to the other sell outs. The list of ATR's is growing and it will keep growing as they make smaller schools. Keep voting yes on every contract fools.

Anonymous said...

Good point October 10.