Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mike and Mikey on the Contract: Mikey Keeps Quiet

New York Times education reporter Jennifer Medina reports today that the mayor views union contract negotiation as "give and take" democracy. We always thought democracy had something to do with voting and representation but I guess in the Mayor's world everything boils down to business.

While not divulging what exactly will be traded the Mayor made it clear he is seeking to buy teachers who are flexible and try new things. Our anointed president had no reported response. Can the UFT be marginalized any further?


NYC Educator said...

Please don't pose questions like that.

They are, frankly, altogether too depressing to contemplate.

lprisco said...

It is clear what the mayor means- I give you a beating, then I take from you. Gene

Anonymous said...

We're screwed (once again).

12 more years said...

Saw Mike Mulgrew on Channel 5 News yesterday- it might as well have been Mayor Mike or Uncle Joel talking.

At least with Randi we knew where we stood. With this one- I haven't a clue.

Anonymous said...

There are things that I am willing to have taken away. First, the extended mornings. I wouldn't mind losing that. Next, trade away the open market or senority transfers. The open market doesn't work if you are over the age of 40 anyway.

alex said...

What is it with you people that you cannot reach the teachers in this system? Don't you see that what you've got here is 6 people reading each others blogs? Why are you all crying in your soup and unable to communcate to a larger audience what this miserable union has done?

alex said...

The solution: Get a community organizer to help. What about ACORN? Woops! I forgot. They work for (and with) the UFT>

Anonymous said...

Well, if UNITY would share the teacher email and mailing lists like a DEMOCRATIC union should.....

Anonymous said...

Fat chance of that happening in this century. The email list will only come through a miracle or a court order.

Anonymous said...

FYI. I heard rumors that the DOE is sendindg letters to all the ATR teachers so they can attend a MANDATORY JOB FAIR at the PROSPECT HALL in Brooklyn on Monday 21, 2009from 1:00 PM. to 3:30 PM.
I wonder what is coming next?

Anonymous said...


This is a reminder that the Division of Human Resources is having a mandatory event for teachers in excess on Monday, September 21st at 1PM. The letter below should have been provided to you at your Absent Teacher Reserve (ATR) site. If you have not yet received this letter, please contact the principal at your site immediately.

You are receiving this reminder because our records show that as of Monday, September 14, you are still a centrally funded excessed teacher. If you do not believe you are in excess, please email us at so we can research the issue. Unless you hear otherwise from the Teacher Hiring Support Center or a representative from either the Integrated Service Center (ISC) or Children First Network (CFN) that works with your school, you must attend this event.

Teacher Hiring Support Center

Letter Delivered to ATR Sites:

Dear Teacher,

On Monday, September 21, 2009 the New York City Department of Education will be holding a mandatory recruitment fair for teachers in excess in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Staten Island. As an excessed teacher in one of these boroughs, you are required to attend this event.

The fair will be held from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM and teachers must check in no later than 1:00 PM. You should plan to report to your assigned school at the start of the school day and then travel to the fair; your school where you are currently assigned as an ATR will be notified of your absence and you will be provided with documentation of your attendance at the recruitment fair. Lunch will not be served at the fair, but you are entitled to the contracted amount of time for lunch on your own before the fair. You will be expected to stay until the end of the school day and encouraged to stay until the end of the event at 4:00PM.

The event will take place at Grand Prospect Hall, 263 Prospect Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215. If you need directions to this location, please use for public transportation or for driving directions. A limited amount of free parking is available on site.

As with other recruitment events held this summer, this will be an opportunity for you to meet with school representatives regarding potential vacancies. We encourage you to treat this as you would any job interview opportunity and recommend business attire as well as that you bring 10-15 copies of your resume. Note that you will be asked for a copy of your resume upon check in so that the Division of Human Resources can provide it to schools with vacancies in your subject area if you do not find a position at this event. If you need assistance on resume writing or interviewing, resources are available at the Teacher Hiring Support Center site,

If you have any questions regarding the recruitment fair, please contact the Teacher Hiring Support Center at or call us at (718) 935-5822. We look forward to seeing you at the event.


Division of Human Resources

New York City Department of Education

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:57: The rumors are true. ATRs have to attend the mandatory job fair. Ask any ATR in your school and they will tell you.

What is next for the ATRS? Mike Mulgrew let us know -- we are paying our dues.

NY_I said...
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NY_I said...

This is one instance in which the union needs to exert top-down power to force the city, audit-style, to open up about the recent hiring patterns. As I argued in my blogpost today, ATR teachers are too vulnerable and isolated at their sites to raise it at the level of the school site.