Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Benjamin Todd Jealous and the legendary Hazel Dukes wrote a fantastic op-ed in the Daily News against school closings. It is powerful stuff. Everybody involved in the fight to stop school closings should read it closely.


Unitymustgo! said...

Anyone open their e-mail and read Klein's wonderful and exciting announcement about tenure? Let me quote a little for you:

"The improvements we are making to the tenure system focus on three core principles:

1. Rigorous Review: Principals and superintendents will consider the performance of each teacher who is up for tenure more carefully than ever, weighing multiple factors including Teacher Data Reports, where available and appropriate."

You've got to love the wording.

Thanks Randi for not standing up to this BS when we should have. The dam is leaking is their anyone in the UFT leadership with the guts to stand up and fight the fights that need fighting.

Please for all our sake vote Eterno!



Anonymous said...

Our Union's partnership with NAACP is tremendous. We have the right people on our side. Thank you Mulgrew.

Anonymous said...

We are so weak it is incredible and you Unity guys want to jump for joy.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon February 12, 2010 8:15:00 AM.

The teachers in my school love that Mulgrew is a fighter and the lawsuits have been the right move.

What has ICE been doing for the schools the DOE wants to close after the farce PEP meeting on Jan 26th?

Anonymous said...

Listen I am not an ice member or a unity menber, but I know that ice does not have the power or money that unity has and yet for the little they have they fight more fought for ATR's and School Closing than unity! Who organized the rally for ATR's last year at tweedy while Randi and company tried to stop and direct the protesters from the rally to her uft office for wine and cheese! Randi and unity tried there best to stop the rally! How about this year, who started the march in front of Bloomberg's home! Who went to court to over turn it when Bloomberg tried to stop it! Who gave the Mayor controle of the schools twice, and gave up senority transfer, that made Atr's and school closing possible. Just like Randi, Mulgrew tries to show everyone he is a fighter before that the election! Then after the election just like Randi and Obama you can all drop dead! Randi came to Tilden H.S. to one of our school closing meeting to say I will not stand by and let this happen! I am going to fight for you. She did this because many sentor's and counlermembers along with some new papers and T.V. was there! It was also 3 months before the uft election and she wanted our votes to win. Since she won we have not seen or heard a word from her, nor did she ever mentioned the word Tilden H.S again. She was right when she said she was not going to stand by and let us close without a fight, She steped aside and let Bloomberg destroy our school, our students and out lives after she won the election. I only wish ice was more organized, in campaging and getting the word out there about what they stand for and what they are about! If they could do that, unity and Mulgrew would be in a lot of trouble, and still even though not too many people know about ice, and even though ice is not that good at getting the word out (maybe they don't have the money like Thompson vs money bags Bloomberg) unity and Mulgrew are still afriad of them as are you! Don't worry what comes around goes around! It's only a matter of time before unity Randi Bloomberg, Klein and Mulgrew pay for what they have done, and so will their supports! Hell some of them are paying for it right now!
Tilden Blue Devils.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me the person above doesn't teach ELA.

Anonymous said...

Listen jackass, I don't have that much time to write a grammatically Correct blog. It's not an english essay, especially when Klein, Bloomberg and the newspaper have made many grmmatically mistakes themselves, your very brave on blog, I would love to me you face to face jackass. Just leave me a clue as to you are and I come meet you and well talk face to face, then you can tell me anything you want!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. Inventive spelling and incorrect grammar are OK by Klein & Bloomberg since Teacher's College seems to be the rage.
I hope all of our students using this program will work for Bloomberg if he hasn't croaked by then.

Don't you people get it????

There is an educational axis of evil many of you are not aware of...

Eli Broad-Arne Duncan-Bloomberg-Klein-Weingarten

Eli Broad is a billionaire philanthropist who is BIG on opening charter schools in inner cities. And he has all over the country. He wants to throw huge amounts of money at schools, just not PUBLIC schools. He feels that schools should be run like a business. THAT's why our schools have turned upside down the way they have. And that's why Bloomberg feels this may be his last chance to get as many charter schools opened over the next 4 years as he can.
Joel Klein is chair of the board of directors at the Eli Broad Foundation. Also sitting on this board is Arne Duncan(US Sec. of Ed.), Margaret Spellings(former US Sec. of Ed.), Michelle Rhee(Chancellor of DC schools & Klein protege). Weingarten helped Broad open a few charter schools in the city. Bloomberg is connected just for the fact he's a billionaire too and they're probably friends. Klein is just the messenger for the "final solution" for our schools.

They are using propaganda against teachers to increase public hostility against them.

It will take YEARS to undo the damage that's been done by Bloomberg & Klein.

Anonymous said...

Eli Broad Foundation report...

Oh and vote for the ICE guy.

He can't be worse than Mulgrew.

Mulgrew will be more of the same. And we don't need that!

ed notes online said...

Eli Broad gave the UFT charter school $1 million. And he helped fund and promote that Kahlenberg book on Shanker that praised him to the sky.

They're all in the same bed.