Monday, May 10, 2010


Sometimes I feel as if schools in danger of closing are fighting alone with the DOE for basic fairness but tonight I read a story that makes me feel that we are not the lone voices that aren't being heard.

Arthur Goldstein, Chapter Leader at "A rated" Francis Lewis, has explained over at in his unique style why the UFT Contract is basically useless at the current time. Even after an arbitrator ordered the DOE to lower class sizes at Lewis, they did not comply and there are no consequences for them.

In a similar situation at Jamaica, the secretaries recently won a grievance that school aides were doing their work and administration just marches merrily along as if nothing happened. Who cares that our data is in disarray and our school was closed based on faulty data?

Speaking of that closure, a judge ruled in March that nineteen schools including Jamaica must remain open and the DOE acts as if the ruling didn't occur and continues to open new schools in our buildings.

I'm guessing there are many parallel stories all over the city of administration outright ignoring decisions that are supposed to have the force of law.

The message to our kids is that laws are there to be broken by Tweed.

Where is the mighty, mighty union that our former president used to refer to as an 800 pound gorilla?


FidgetyTeach said...

You couldn't be more accurate. There is absolutely no penalty or consequences for the DOE as they ignore the decisions of arbitrators. Why not impose fines in the same manner that they impose on the teachers?

Anonymous said...

People in the Chapel St. and Audubon Ave. Rubber Rooms have little confidence that the new TRC Agreement will be adhered to.
And if it were to be implemented, it most likely would be to the detriment of the inmates.
And speaking of fines, where does the money go that teachers in the Rubber Rooms are made to pay when they reach a settlement with the arbitrator? The fines may be in the tens of thousands of dollars, and even higher if the victimized teacher does not accept a settlement.

V for Vendetta! said...

Our union is like our Federal government, it's out of touch with the people it's supposed to represent.

Mulgrew is a traitor, and needs to be kicked out along with all the other Bloomturd and Chancellor Slime ass kissers at UFT HQ.
Don't forget my brother and sister teachers, WE are the real power in schools.

Pass the word about "The GREAT SEPTEMBER 2010 SICKOUT" more to come.......

Anonymous said...

Where were you guys when the UFT election was run in March?