Friday, August 13, 2010

The Charter Option

It looks like the principal at Columbus wants the school to become a charter school to save it.

Our options would seem to be bad, worse or worst.


NYC Educator said...

The article says teachers would remain unionized under state regs. The question, then, is do they continue under the UFT contract, or write a new Green Dot-style contract that does away with nasty extras like tenure and seniority rights?

NYC Educator said...

Another, come to think of it, is who runs the charter? Do the teachers take control, or does it have to go to some company like KIPP, or some demagogue like Moskowitz?

Anonymous said...

You really think they are going to make it teacher friendly Mr. Educator?

Anonymous said...

This is as per our UFT contract:
A. Conversion Charter Schools
Pursuant to Article 56 of the New York State Education Law(the “Charter Schools Law”) an existing public school may be converted to a charter school. As modified below, teachers of a Conversion Charter School shall be subject to this Collective Bargaining Agreement, in accordance with the Charter Schools Law, including but not
limited to salary, medical, pension and welfare benefits and applicable due process
procedures. The provisions regarding the right of return which follow apply to teachers
in such Board schools that are converted to charter schools (“Conversion Charter Schools”).

There are some stipulations in it that I would be very, very wary about.