Thursday, September 23, 2010

Inconvenient Truth About Waiting for Superman

Tornado had my internet connection down so I have been working from cell phone for a week. Glad to see our friends at GEM and others are protesting the new pro charter propaganda film called Waiting for Superman. They are also producing a response. Here is a link to the trailer to an Inconvenient Truth About Waiting for Superman.

Tomorrow, protestors will be at the Lincoln Center premiere of Superman. Join them if you can. Norm had a reviewer write a column at Ed Notes.

Charter advocates in New York and Michelle Rhee in DC got destroyed in last week's primary election. Let that be a lesson to us; we don't have to sit back and take the punches and appease the crowd that wants to destroy public schools. We're defending fairness for all of the children. There's no need to be shy about that.


Anonymous said...

No James let that be a lesson for
you and ice! These people that won
put everything they had into there
campaigning! People knew about them. Instead when we campaignined against Mulgrew we waited until the
last minute. We spent all our time
trying to stop the D.O.E from closing the 19 schools which they are going to close anyway one way or another! Instead if we had campaigned earlier, let people know about us that we are around, what we stand for and what unity had done to our union we might have won! And then as the head of the UFT you could have really saved Jamica and all the other schools. And please don't give me we don't have the money unity has. I know that, but we all have to put in the time and let people know about ice, pass out flyers or something! Once people know about us they will vote for us! Here is my advice if you want to take it!
Start campaigning now, for the next uft election! Let the masses know that we are alive. Pass out flyers with ice news, not everybody knows about the ice blog or ed notes! If we do that then maybe we can win, so you learn something from these elections also
Blue Devil!

Anonymous said...

How much time have you spent Blue Devil doing any of these things or convincing anyone to vote for ICE? No more blogging, and more action.

Anonymous said...

To the wise guy that wrote the last comment who has no name but
Anonymous. Do you know me? Do you know how hard I work day in and day out telling everybody I know about ICE. No you just make stupid comments because I don't think you have the the balls to meet me and talk one on one. Are you just like Unity, and can't take any constructive criticism? I though you guys where different. I on your side jackass! Maybe if you put up a more united front we won win. Learn from what people have to say, didn't be like unity! Insluting and blind!

Karen said...

Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City said yesterday that he wants to change the way public school teachers are granted tenure. I am trying to find New York City teachers who would be willing to comment for a story on tenure. I would ask questions like, how does tenure work at your school? Are there unqualified teachers who have tenure so they’ll be there forever? Or conversely, if you have tenure are you grateful for the job security? I am interested in all comments.

Karen Matthews
Associated Press