Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced yesterday that Cathie Black, someone with virtually no experience in education or government, would be taking over from Joel Klein as Chancellor. Immediately after there has been controversy brewing about whether or not the State Board of Regents should grant the new Chancellor a waiver from the education law that says the Chancellor should be a licensed school district administrator. Klein got the waiver and you see how badly that turned out for teachers and students.

However, some feel it doesn't matter whether the Chancellor is an educator or non-educator. The UFT response from President Michael Mulgrew was to say, "I look forward to working with Ms. Black. As a teacher, I will help in any way I can to help the children of New York.” That doesn't say much of anything.

Should the UFT be opposing the waiver? What do you think? Please let us know.


Anonymous said...

Oppose her at all costs. Sign the pettition:

Anonymous said...

Oppose her at all costs. Bring a motion to the floor at the DA. Sign this petition:

Anonymous said...

Two words: HELL. NO.

I signed the petition. Pleased to see it's gotten so much momentum.

NYC Educator said...

Of course the UFT should oppose the waiver. How can we, even tacitly, endorse Mayor Bloomberg's contempt for educational experience?

Chaz said...

I'm with NYC Educator. There is no question that the UFT should strongly oppose a waiver to an unqualified person. This is a no brainer...Except for our union leadership.

Anonymous said...

We should oppose Black and try to get the UFT to pass a resolution against her getting a waiver at Wednesday's Delegate Assembly.

I signed the petition, and will urge others to do so as well.

Anonymous said...

What are the chances of the State Commissioner of Education denying Ms. Black the waiver? Chances are she will get it.

veteran teacher said...

No waiver. Our chancellor should have to be qualified for the position. Period. I've paid union dues for 25 years and I want the leadership to be the watchdog of enforcing state law. NO WAIVER and I agree this must be a motion for the DA.

Anonymous said...

At the delegate assembly everyone should voice their concerns regarding this waiver.

We cannot allow the union leadership to sit back on this one. Some of my members are upset having another chancellor without any education experience. In fact, the members have asked me if they can stop paying dues if the union leadership does nothing to protest and fight the granting of this waiver.

Enough is enough! Let's demand an educator to be at the helm of the school system.

SubRex said...

This is an absolute disgrace!

The arrogance and contempt that Emperor Bloomberg demonstrates in his dealing with teachers is exemplified in this farce.

How could a woman who couldn't legally teach in ANY NYC public school classroom, have the qualifications to lead the largest school system in the country?

I'm not only interested in a mechanism that would allow me not to pay dues; but one that would also allow me a refund on those already paid.

What kind of union leader sells out their membership in such a brazen manner?

We've been able to follow the money with: Broad, Moskowitz, Gates and Canada. I think it's time to do the same with Mulgrew.

If only someone like Toussaint was in charge of the UFT.