Monday, November 05, 2012


Today (Monday) is the first day when the kids will return to school in most places after last week's storm . The NYC DOE has a list of schools that are temporarily closed and/or relocated because of storm damage.

Meanwhile, getting a gallon of gas has become a nightmare for many people in the New York area so those who live in the suburbs and even parts of the city may have a difficult time making it in for work.

I also wonder if buildings will be heated.

The UFT has on its website an Urgent Assistance Form for members who have been severely impacted  by Sandy. The website states, "This form is for the family of UFT members who have died or were severely injured, for UFT members who lost a family member, and for UFT members who lost or were displaced from their homes as a result of of the storm."

For those who need assistance or wish to volunteer, the AFL-CIO has this list of New York resources.

Please keep us updated on what is occurring in the schools and thank you to everyone who has pitched in to help their families, neighbors, friends, communities or anyone else during this difficult storm aftermath.

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