Friday, February 14, 2014


We are critical of  UFT leadership when necessary, but yesterday President Michael Mulgrew got it right with this statement:

Dear James,

Our members are angry about the DOE's decision not to declare a snow day today despite near-blizzard conditions — and rightly so. It was a mistake to open schools today. I understand the desire to keep schools open. The only thing that trumps that is safety. Having students, parents and staff  traveling in these conditions was unwarranted.


Michael Mulgrew

What are the UFT and other school worker unions going to do about making us whole?

What the unions should be demanding now is that people who made it in should be given an extra day in their sick banks and those who stayed out should not have a day deducted from their sick banks for missing school.


Unitymustgo! said...

That would be a decent idea as a solution going forward. On a day like yesterday staffing should be mostly done on a voluntary basis. You say you need to keep kitchens open and baby sit for those that need it, fine. Then keep schools open, but those that can't make it or don't want to risk it shouldn't be penalized, but those that do come in should get rewarded and a day in your car is a cost effective solution.

Jeff Kaufman said...

The answer to your rhetorical question is "nothing." Mulgrew will chum up with DiBlasio the same way he and Randi did with BloomKlein. It's never about representing us it's about his seat at the table. I am sure that DiBlasio was really hurt by the statement Mulgrew made (notice he never appeared to make the statement just spread his PR release to the media and Chapter Leaders). It's shameful. Let's suppose that on the night before a predicted blizzard DiBlasio calls Mulgrew and says,"Hey, Mike. You think we should close the schools?" Mulgrew will respond with "wait, I have to poll my members and get back to you." Then when the political expedient answer is made up he will call back the Mayor. Do you think for one minute there will be a serious discussion about compensating teachers and others who go through the snow to come to school or in any way make us whole? If you answered in the affirmative I have a bridge to sell you.

Anonymous said...

For committed teachers who live 50, 70, 85 miles outside of the city limits where streets are not plowed until the storms are over and who can't get to public transportation when the snow is piled high above 16 inches outside of their doorways, is it really justifiable for them to consume sick days instead of an excused absence because of inclement weather? Mulgrew should rally to get these sick days back for teachers who were literally trapped between the Mayor's decision to keep the schools open and a mountain of snow.

Anonymous said...

Many of us showed up at work yesterday.
Many of our students DIDN'T. Some classes had NO students, others had only 2-4.
WHY were we open, when so many other districts were CLOSED?
Our school leadership team NEVER thanks any of us for coming in when we have these adverse weather conditions, it's just "doing our job". Not that we need to have our backs patted, but it would be nice once in a while to have what we do acknowledged.
Sorry to say, it seems as if we will just have more of the "same old, same old", under this Mayor and Chancellor, too.

paul hogan said...

It's a classic " damned if you do/damned if you don't" scenario.
Lots of families need the schools open so mom/dad can go to work. Everyone knows this.

This is the OLDEST recurring "controversy" in NYC school politics.

It's a no-brainer opportunity for Mr Mulgrew to score some cheap demagogic points w. the membership, while collaborating w. the employer in decimating the workforce and Stalinizing the schools.

Anonymous said...

How about a sick day for this? Works for me.

Anonymous said...

"Lots of families need the schools open so mom/dad can go to work." Everyone knows this.

So, the "Nanny State" mentality pervades. Forget about schools as being places to learn, and to get an EDUCATION.

In reality, schools in NYC are day care centers and food pantries. Wonder why I bothered to obtain a Master's in EDUCATION. Should have gone for the Social Work degree instead.

Anonymous said...

From Perdido Street School:
Alas, I doubt very much the UFT leadership will make these demands.

But I have another idea on how the UFT leadership can make us whole on this.

Since the official Carmen Farina policy is to keep NYC schools opened so long as Macy's is opened, we should get a 20% discount at any Macy's store.

If the measure of whether NYC schools stay open or not is whether Macy's is open or not, that kinda makes us unofficial Macy's employees and arguably eligible for the employee discount at the store.

Ibeth said...

I would love to get my sick day back in the bank!! I used it because as usually politicians that are in charge of making important decsions have No Common Sense!

Anonymous said...

Common sense is not common to everyone.

Anonymous said...

I think the sick day bank is a great idea! Long Island gets to add unused snow days to Memorial Day weekend. If I could get an extra two days in my CAR for unused snow days it would really help. Maternity leave sucks up all your days.