Saturday, August 16, 2014


Please let's not talk much about results of Common Core tests.  No spin and no need to call anyone any names or punch anyone in the face.  The increase in scores was predictable but hardly reflective of anything.

Part of this year's incrementally higher test scores can be attributed to the geniuses at the State Education Department merely lowering the cut scores.  What this means is the students needed to answer a lower percentage of questions right this year as compared to last year to achieve the same score.

It is all explained by Lace to the Top.

"Results of the ELA tests are up 0.1%, but the cut score was lowered by 2% (3rd grade).  In 2013, students needed to receive 35 out of 55 possible points to achieve a passing score of 3.  In 2014, students needed to only receive 30 out of a possible 49 points to receive a passing grade of 3."

Has standardized testing been sufficiently debunked yet?

If you need more evidence, read Julie' Cavanagh's critique in the Daily News.  She hits it out of the park too.

From her piece:

"It is no surprise that the results mirror the struggles and deep flaws in our society.  Of course, the goal was never to actually fix our schools -- there are no profits in doing that.  There are no profits in providing small class sizes, experienced educators and services like counseling, tutoring and family support -- proven reforms that would benefit all students.

Instead, the focus is on unproven standards and the tests that supposedly measure our student's
competency -- written by the very people who profit from their use."

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