Tuesday, May 25, 2021


Update: An agreement between the UFT and DOE has been reached to keep marathon Mondays and Tuesdays as the default time schedule for 2021-22 but there are decent SBO options if schools don't like  the default schedule.

The original posting is below.

It looks like there will be at least one major change in the school schedule for the 2021-2022 school year. The endless professional development Mondays followed by parent engagement and other professional work Tuesdays as the default schedule for single session schools appears to be sunsetting. These two days were often referred to as "Teacher Detention." This schedule required a yearly agreement between the Department of Education and the UFT to continue. It appears there is no agreement for 2021-22.

Former Chancellor Carmen Farina was known to believe that PD cures cancer (only a slight exaggeration) but she is long since retired so it looks like Chancellor Meisha Porter wants teachers to spend more time with students so the schedule will revert back to the 37.5 minutes of small group instruction as the default schedule for single session schools for Monday through Thursday and a 6 hour and 20 minute Friday. More time in front of students for small group instruction won't make some teachers happy while others will be fine with it. In addition, say goodbye to the September and May parent-teacher evenings but hello again to after-school October through May monthly Faculty-Department or Grade Conferences. 

Here is what UFT's  Queens Borough Rep Amy Arundell said earlier today on Facebook:

The 80/75 configuration required yearly agreement between DOE and UFT. This year, there is no agreement so we revert back to the 37.5 minute configuration. 

She adds:

The UFT and DOE are in discussions to create pre approved SBOs. If schools believe other configurations will better serve their students, the SBO processes will be the way to make those changes.

A teacher asked if that time will be required to be used for small groups or if SBOs will be allowed for different activities.

Amy's answer: It's all possible. Stay tuned.

Multi-session schools and District 75 schools will retain the 6 hour and 50 minute day as the default. 

For those who are nostalgic for the old becoming new again, we have printed below Contract Article 6A which appears to be making a comeback. We will have more when it becomes available.



A. School Day

1. The following shall apply except as set forth in Article 6B below:

a. The school day for teachers serving in the schools shall be six hours and 20 minutes and such additional time as provided for below and in the by-laws. The gross annual salary of employees covered by this Agreement will be increased in accordance with the salary schedules herein.

b. The parties agreed, effective February, 2006, to extend the teacher work day in“non Extended Time Schools” by an additional 37 ½ minutes per day, Monday through Thursday following student dismissal. Friday’s work schedule is 6 hours and 20 minutes. The 37 ½ minutes of the extended four (4) days per week shall be used for tutorials, test preparation and/or small group instruction and will have a teacher to student ratio of no more than one to ten. In single session schools, the day will start no earlier than 8:00 a.m. and end no later than 3:45 p.m.

c. Multi-session schools that cannot utilize the additional time in this manner due to space or scheduling limitations will have a 6 hour 50 minute day.

d. In District 75 buildings and District 75 self-contained classes in other school sites, the school day will be 6 hours and 50 minutes unless the principal and chapter leader agree to schedule the time as set forth in paragraph 2 above; however, in this event the teacher to student ratio will be no more than 1 to 5. Non-District 75 self contained classrooms shall have either a (a) 6 hour and 50 minute day; (b) a 6 hour and 57 ½ minute day Monday through Thursday and 6 hour and 20 minute day on Friday; or (c) if the time is utilized as set forth in paragraph 2 above the teacher to student ratio should be no more than one to five.

e. Existing faculty and grade conference time should be used for professional development.

f. On professional development days, the school day shall be 6 hours and 50 minutes.

2. Expedited Appeal Regarding Group Size 

In order to ensure that the maximum number of students is not exceeded there will be an expedited arbitration procedure to allow the UFT to seek both a cease and desist order as well as monetary penalties for exceeding the small group instruction size limit. The procedure is set forth in Article 22B6 and 22G. 


Anonymous said...

You do realize that the ultimate goal of the DOE is to get teachers to retire earlier that they would have otherwise. (if the employment environment was managed properly.)

Anonymous said...

It was fun watching the heads explode on the FB DOE teacher page when this little gem was posted. Even more fun arguing with people who tried to tell me it was fake news. How many of you knew the long Mondays/Tuesdays sunset each year? I certainly didn't.

Do I love this? Hell no- I liked getting out at 2:20 3 days a week. I also think it's a terrible idea subjecting kids, the majority of whom haven't been in a school building since March 13, 2020, to a longer school day.

My advice to all the people who are facing this? See if you can SBO rolling the minutes into the school day- we'll all feel it less.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I hope there is an option to roll the minutes into the school day.. And I did know the 80/75 option was year to year. They have talking about changing for years..

Tweo less PTC that six hours in exchange for faculty and dept meetings sounds reasonable.

37.5 a day was always a problem because the kids were never mandated to stay but we were. Why not just keep the school day 6hr and 50 min with lunch added to the schedule

Anonymous said...

If you are an elementary school teacher, this sunset clause sucks.

If you are Jhs or a hs teacher, this is great.

Older kids will just bolt at 220 pm each day. Elementary kids will stay.

The issue will be if elementary UFT people will grieve ASAP when principals put 15-20 kids in a room when it should be ten.

I do like no sept and May parent teacher conferences. The one in May was useless.

Anonymous said...

I knew this was coming. This is the ERI incentive Blas and Muck had in mind all along - and it’ll work.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:49: The NYC Schools Facebook page is a bizarre display of vanity and stupidity. God forbid a good idea actually seep back into the DOE.

Anonymous said...

Longer school day doesn’t help kids. The kids who work hard all day are spent. The others still don’t give a shit after 230. But the NYC political machine never cares about what’s beneficial to kids. It’s always about what makes the NYC political machine, that includes UFT leadership, look good on paper. Maybe one day the nyc political machine will change. For now, they continue to ruin kids’ lives.

TJL said...

Well stopped clocks are right twice a day and here is an example.

The 7:49 comment seems to reference a misuse of the time. I agree 6:20 is enough for most kids, and most kids don't stay after. However it's a good use of time for extra help, giving a test to an absent student or giving the mandated extra time to IEP students. It's far better than useless PD and whatever "teams" admin can come up with (subject team, grade team, equity team, data team, etc.)

Anonymous said...

people are losing their minds and have no idea how to add up time. Anywho....they are negotiating preapproved sbos to use the time in different ways. Wouldn't get too worried about it until you see that list.

Anonymous said...

TJL it doesn’t work like that in my school. Kids selected by admin. They always select the do nuthins and nuthin gets done after school either.

Anonymous said...

I worked in a renewal school where kids were required to attend class for 9 periods a day. All it did was give kids an extra period to cut class. Also what do ATRs do if they have no classes for that tutoring time?

Anonymous said...

There BETTER be an SBO on the extended time. Little kids not not belong in school for such a long day. I'm happy as a clam with the Monday and Tuesday time and getting out early the rest of the week. Bottom line: Let schools SBO the extended time!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd expect most schools to move the time into every period to extend the day. We already know tutoring didn't work.

Anonymous said...


I was an ATR for a while. Usually, during extended time you get a coverage or more likely, you sit in the lounge and take a nap. Just being real.

I miss the good old days of week to week rotation and taking multiple naps during the work day. Haha

Anonymous said...

Atr's are staying at their current sites for all of next year. Not going anywhere!

Unitymustgo! said...

No thanks to adding the time into the regular day. Then you have your whole class at the end of the day and you have to dismiss in elementary. Get stuck talking to parents when all you want to do is get the heck out of there. I'll take the 10-1. There will need to be transition time from dismissal back to the rooms or better yet someone else will dismiss which means no more talking to parents! I remember the whole transition thing being a mess. I think that's great. Rolling it in gives admin the easy way out. I say no to that.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:30- source?

David Suker said...

Request Bronx Science. What a gig that is. Overseeing study hall and coverages galore!

Anonymous said...


As a guy who was an ATR, I have a new respect for elementary teachers in the doe for the dismissal process alone. It was the worst 5-10 minutes of the day. A real s$&t s@&w in every way possible.

The extended day will be a joke.

Jhs and hs staff will use the time to plan out their lessons for the next day

David Suker said...

Request Bronx Science. What a gig that is. Overseeing study hall and coverages galore!

Bronx ATR said...

Everything and that means everything, can be addressed with the DOE by the UFT. Why not ask for a 10% TDA return? They made 30% ! But the city and Mulgrew are crying poverty, saying that the retirees have to give up they Medicare choice and take the inferior plan. One of the UFT Bozos explained that Fair Student Funding couldn’t be fought because the UFT had no say so concerning accounting programs. The UFT has no say so about almost everything, i.e. air circulation, admin qualifications, class size, etc - but the subject can be broached and actively fought. If, and only if, the UFT feels the pressure to do so. With fair student funding there was no pressure, because the UFT received dues from new hirees, as well as from the veterans thrown into the ATR pool. But with Mondays and Tuesdays - it costs the Uft nothing to attempt to broach the subject and fight it. But they will not attempt it, unless there are lots and lots of complaints, as this pertinent cliche is one of the UFT’s least favorite - the squeaky wheel gets the oil. The Uft has become an extremely lazy and complacent entity. When you have a concierge answering service and tiers of advocates to re-explain to at each juncture to get the right person, understand this is to thwart you before you can through to the right person.

Anonymous said...

Superintendent meeting it was told to prinicpals yesterday.

Anonymous said...


The chancellor told principals atrs at a school this entire school year won’t be going anywhere. It’s the doe. Things can change, but that is what principals were told.

My question is if you are at a school you enjoy like I am, why would you seek out a school with a vacancy? I’m predicting new programs that hire new teachers or charter school teachers transitioning to the doe.

September will bring in a lot of new staff.

Elementary teachers have it worst said...

No rolling it into the day for elementary. The kids are done. This is just another source of babysitting. Parents where I work do not understand that 2:20pm school is over and they need to be there on time to pick up their children. There is no excuse to be late day after day. Teachers get stuck staying because there are not enough aids or the aids are late 3 admins none can make it to auditorium on time.

Now with covid restrictions-I doubt the children can be all in the auditorium at dismissal-so elemenentary teachers will continue to get stuck dismissing students past there scheduled work time.

What needs to happen is dismissal should be 10 min earlier so that 10 minutes is left for teachers to wait with children of late parents. Also, have to go back upstairs to move my time card after the bell has rung. Why do I always need to move my card on my own time in and out?

Anonymous said...

All the events of this week are wrapped around the ERI:

Deblasio announces all in for next;
Going back to the dread 37.5 minutes;
ATRs being permanently assigned;
Deadline for submitting terminal leave for September is tomorrow.

This is going to force a ton of teachers, already fried from the past 14 months, to retire. Not sure if an ERI is even necessary at this point. The people who really got burned are the ones who wanted to submit for terminal leave, but were holding off for the ERI announcement.

All this could have been avoided- Mulgrew sucks.

David Suker said...

This is just a rumor. People shouldn’t post things like this because there are so many variables at work when it comes to ATRs. The fact is, unless there is a contractual change on the status of ATRs we have no idea where we’ll be in September. There is no need to make people anxious about next year. We should be focusing on having a relaxing and stress free Summer!

Anonymous said...

With the return to later dismissals at elementary and middle schools—this just pushes the heavier local traffic around schools back from 2:25 to 3:00 -the way it used to be.

David Suker said...

This is just a rumor. People shouldn’t post things like this because there are so many variables at work when it comes to ATRs. The fact is, unless there is a contractual change on the status of ATRs we have no idea where we’ll be in September. There is no need to make people anxious about next year. We should be focusing on having a relaxing and stress free Summer!

Anonymous said...

Never made so much money in my life. Congratulations everyone! And for the complainers, you don't know how good you got it! Fact!

Anonymous said...

All the teachers at my school have this ugly feeling that next year is gonna be a miserable. The DOE and school admins, have not been able to mess with us for a year and half and they are gonna want payback. Everybody is gonna have a target on their back and will be micromanaged to death. Not looking forward to September one damn bit.

Anonymous said...

Isn't every year miserable?

Anonymous said...

If you give a s$&@, the job is miserable. Thankfully, I don’t care too much

TeachNY said...

Thank the sweet little baby Jesus we are done with the horrible PD. Give me the kids over that any day!

Anonymous said...

Every year is always worst than the last.

Anonymous said...

Anything on spring break 2020? I thought nyc had billions extra.

Work the doe, not the other way around said...

Years ago, I hated extended day. It was pointless, useless and a complete waste of my time. Having said that, maybe a month into the Monday PDs I was wishing for extended day back.

To be able to get out of work around 3 pm on mondays as opposed to 3:55ish will let me be able to get a workout in and not get home around 6 pm on mondays. Traffic on Monday is usually not bad if I can hustle to leave around 3 pm.

Wednesday and Thursday traffic suck no matter what. But, I will take the 255-3 pm end of the day over the Monday Pd and Tuesday twiddling my thumbs sessions.

Remember, the UFT and doe can always make it worse for us. The Monday PDs was a prime example.

Anonymous said...


Stop with the 2020 spring break back pay. It will never happen. I knew it then and I know it now. That is why I posted nonsense and didn’t do any work that week. Make the doe work for you, not the other way around. Also, live teaching was not a requirement, so I did no live lessons that week. I had a great 2020 spring break after I posted nonsense work. Oh, nobody did the work either. Par for the course(not like I was going to grade it)

Anonymous said...

It is not a rumor with atr's. District reps have sent the info out. Clarification is coming today and atrs will know their permanent placement by middle of June. All current atrs will stay at their school and be paid for by central. Going forward, if a prinicpal excesses someone, the sups will find the atr a placement and that principal who excessed will get another atr in return and have to pay the salary. This will discourage prinicpals from excessing

Anonymous said...

So we are still atrs just in a permanent building. What's the big difference?

Anonymous said...

No longer an atr.. Permanent placement

Anonymous said...

I was provisionally hired til June. Surprise, surprise. The principal now will have to pay for my 22+ salary permanently. Would have preferred to stay permanently with central paying. Principals get cranky having to pay for 22+ years. Let's see when the claws come out about the salary issue.