Wednesday, May 25, 2022

LIVE BLOGGING FROM MAY DELEGATE ASSEMBLY (unedited with commentary from Nick Bacon)

President Michael Mulgrew's report

Rashid Mathis who does the voice for our meetings passed away suddenly at the age of 41. He helped with the town halls and hybrid Delegate Assemblies. Moment of silence.

California, Buffalo and Texas shootings. What will it take to stand up to the gun lobby? Teachers again wrapping themselves around their students to save them. Schools with shootings around them in NYC. Three murdered in Buffalo were NYSUT members. We will always be at the center at what is happening in society because of where we work at schools. Another moment of silence for victims who lost their lives in a tragic way in Buffalo, California, and Texas.

Nationally gun violence and a women's right to choose are the big issues.


Mayoral control is in the balance in Albany. We had a series of mayors who were at war with the Board of Education, the governing body. Mayors were at war with Boards of Education and mayors kept cutting Board of Ed budgets. Mayors understand budgets now under mayoral control. We cannot have a policy where the mayor can announce whatever he wants whenever he wants. Budget system under the old system was starving the schools. Other cities have a check and a balance. We are also lobbying in Albany to lower the class sizes in NYC. That is what is under discussion. States also trying to get ahead of what looks like a bad decision from the Supreme Court on abortion. Legislative session over next Wednesday or Thursday. May be extended. We have math on our side on class size. Many schools have plenty of space. Now we have 820,000 students. The average class size is lower than it has been since Mulgrew was here. $5 billion not spent. Getting an additional $1.3 billion from C4E money. 20 children is the right number for k-2. 32 in a class is insane. Should we be paying for smaller class sizes? Does any other agency pay for their working conditions? Do police officers pay for their guns? Do firefighters pay for air conditioning in firehouses? Do sanitation people pay for their gas? Social-emotional support comes from lower class sizes. Higher quality of interaction comes with lower class sizes. DOE will continue to lie about lower class sizes. DOE lies and cheats about educating the children of NYC. City says lower class size will bankrupt the city. In the proposed budget, the city is forcing schools to increase class sizes. They cut budgets. Principals will be told to maximize class sizes when they get their budgets. Post photos at Why are NYC class sizes 15-30% higher than the rest of the state? DOE doesn't want to lower class sizes because they can't expand their bureaucracy.


The superintendent hiring process has started. It has turned into a competition. Since there is parental input, candidates talking to parents. This is now a competition and not about who is the best person to be a superintendent. We are glad they got rid of executive superintendents. We do not need bigger bureaucracies. c37 starts next week. Participate and have some fun. Push candidates who will work with us to support schools. We don't need candidates who call legal after you say good morning for them. Our first-year Chapter Leaders are really in year 3. 

Calendar not out yet. Told it was coming out weeks ago. Two days ago we were told it will be out today. This morning they said this afternoon. They said this afternoon it will be tomorrow. This is insane. We are consulted but it is up to the DOE. We need to do SBO's. They are looking for guarantees from the state. Hundreds of other districts have calendars out. We agreed to the calendar they sent up to the state. It is supposed to be out tomorrow. Principals don't know what is up with things like excessing. DOE has federal money. 

June 9 PD day is coming. In consultation, three months ago we were told by the administration to look at Principal's Weekly that June 9 would be handled like Election Day: remote unless people out of necessity had to be in the building. The DOE didn't get information out until recently. DOE must inform members by this Friday if members have to come in live. If you disagree, get in touch with the UFT immediately. June 28 last day on a Monday. It happens every few years. June 28 should be a virtual day. DOE principals have until June 14 to tell us if we have to come in live. Have that conversation.

US History Regents canceled. Children will get credit if they pass the class.


District lines redrawn in NYS. Primary for governor and assembly in June.

Primary for congress and state senate in last week of August. Multiple UFT endorsed candidates in same districts. Others have no endorsement. Speaking to NYSUT President Andy Pallotta on a process. Does anyone want to redo the process? We've already interviewed candidates. New district is 10th district that is lower Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn. Many people running. We will interview everyone for this one. Carolyn Maloney and Jerry Nadler running against each other. Want to have a process we can move forward with.  Last week in August means probably around a 5% turnout.  "The rent is too high" guy may be running and could do well.

Vacation days cannot be denied because it is June. 

Go back to September, think about December where Covid numbers were through the roof. January was the worst month of the worst school year ever. It's been a long road to get to the week before Memorial Day. Two waves this year. Hospitalizations have stayed down unlike in other parts of the country that are not as vaccinated. Thanks Delegates and God Bless.

Report over at 4:57 pm.

Staff Director's Report

Puerto Rican Day Parade June 12, Pride march, 5K run, Daniel Drumm Scholarship for LGBTQ students. Reach out to Shanker Scholarship hybrid, will be on June 7. We gave up $1 million of our money for scholarships for students. Secretaries have something. Negotiating Committee meeting June 15.

Mulgrew back: Met with VP of the Ukranian Teachers Association. Terrible stories. 90% of teachers refuse to leave. Teaching virtually when not fighting.

Question Period

Question: What actions can we take to show solidarity with Texas and other gun shooting victims?

Mulgrew Answer: We are talking about massive union rallies, maybe in NYC or DC. We are dealing with crazy stuff in NYC. We want to move quickly on this. We are talking to friends in Texas. NRA convention is in Houston. Mothers are the strongest advocates. We are in a battle with gun lobbyists. Majority of NRA members say nobody needs these rifles. Gun manufacturers threaten to spend money against politicians who oppose them. Gun violence is going up. City is infiltrated with guns. 

Question: Mayor talking about extending school day, is that going to happen?

Answer: No. We have schools that can extend days by having voluntary Saturday programs. First question is why. Finland has the best or second best school system in the world and they have a shorter school day. What are you going to do with the time? Teachers will work a 70-hour week voluntarily but if you mandate an extra 20 minutes, they will lose their crap. We need screening but most teachers are not reading teachers. Mayor wants to fix things but he will not be at the table when we try to get things done. Why are we doing the DESA stuff next week? Every school identified children who needed outside help. Help never happened. 

Brian from UFT asked to be the voice for now for online Delegate for the rest of this school year.

Question: June 28, uptick in Covid and multiple sights, we don't want to be together.

Answer: Email Leroy Barr and someone else.

Question: Problems with DOE email. Have to put in a code in the phone. I don't have a DOE phone.

Answer: Official response is we don't have DOE phones so they cannot ask us to use personal phones for DOE business. DOE getting hacked so they put in a double identification system but DOE doesn't pay for our phones. If they want double authentication, they have to pay for our devices or give us a stipend for using them.

Question: D79 superintendent in Manhattan being forced out. He works well with union and students. What can we do to keep him around?

Answer: Working well with the union means the person is a problem solver, not that he is in the tank with the union. This superintendent has tried to solve the problems. I don't know what his relationship is with others in power now. We are advocating from our side. This is a superintendent who has risen above.

Motion period

Move resolution on Asian American curriculum from 11 to 1 because it is Asian American Pacific Islander month.

Press A to thank Rashid for all the work he has done for us or press 1 on the phone.

734 +176 live vote to thank him.

Back to motion on the Asian American curriculum moving from 11-1 

693 yes on phone to 44. Live 176-3. 95% yes so it moves to number 1.

Mike Sill moves to move a new resolution as number 2

Resolved that the UFT condemns the mass shootings and demands as safe environment and more funding for trained professionals and to wear black on Friday for victims of gun violence and wear orange next Friday and support Governor Hochul for a ban on assault weapons and will work with AFT.

717 Yes to 24 No on phone; 177 yes and 4 No live= 97%

Special Orders of Business

Asian American curriculum resolution. Hate crimes up against Asian Americans. API need to be included. 

A second person speaks in favor. Asians make up almost 20% of students but less than 10% of teachers. Vote in favor this is necessary.

Another Delegate moves to call the question. Mulgrew asks if there is a speaker against. There isn't.

613 Yes to 21 No on ending debate on the phone. 172-1 to close debate live.

Resolution on curriculum: Phone 609 Yes to 26 No on phone. 182 Yes to 0 No live.

Resolution to stand against gun violence. 

Mike Sill motivates the resolution on supporting the victims of gun violence. Says he is tired of the violence and nothing getting done. Power has to rest with the people if legislatures won't get this done.

Another Delegate gets up in support. Didn't think Sandy Hook would be the new normal. Gives numbers of mass shootings. Shocking that the legislatures can't pass reasonable gun laws. Guns are top cause of death of children. Done with thoughts and prayers. 

Motion to amend: Add a resolved that UFT and AFT take steps to divest from companies that sell assault rifles. Mulgrew asks for trustees to confirm that we have already divested. We did that after Sandy Hook. (Trustees confirm that we are divested and were the first pension system to do it.)

Tom Murphy Retired Teacher Chapter Leader then speaks in favor. 

Someone calls the question. Nobody wants to speak against. 

595 Yes to 18 No on phone; 151 Yes to 0 No live on closing debate.

On resolution it is 609 Yes to 8 No on phone; 159 Yes to 1 No in the room.

Decorum resolution: Congratulates Mulgrew on winning.

Mulgrew thanks everyone who ran.

Debate decorum resolution:

We are professionals, we must debate our differences but be respectful. Youth will suffer if we don't do this.

Another Delegate supports it. Civil discourse welcome but we should as RBG said we should disagree without being disagreeable. 

A third Delegate talks about civil discourse. Says this year was a disaster. 

Motion to amend:

Olivia Swisher adds three resolved

1-Chair will adhere to calling alternate sides.

2-Reports shouldn't take more time than deliberations.

3- Joint Subcommittee should be formed to discuss restructuring procedures and bylaws.

Leroy Barr rises in opposition to amendments. We have rules and customs. Robert's Rules do not call for alternating sides. We can't put a limit on reports. Information from reports are critical. Thankful for reports.

High School Delegate talks about increasing democracy. This debate is healthy. He supports the amendments to push us in an even more democratic way. 

Question called on all matters.

On the phone, 567 vote Yes to close debate to 53 voting No. Live I couldn't hear numbers.

On the 3 amendments: 

Yes 287 to No 293 on phone 30 Yes to over 100 No in room (sorry, I didn't get actual number)

On the original resolution:  436 Yes to 105 No on phone; 140 Yes to 15 No live.

Mulgrew tells all to enjoy Memorial Day.


Nick Bacon who is a newly elected High School Executive Board member has this quick commentary in the DAover at the New Action blog:

Commentary and Notes Delegate Assembly, 5-25-2022

Posted by baconuft

Short Version: Though there were some decent resolutions passed on Asian American curriculum and gun control, from an opposition perspective, this was a very disappointing May Delegate Assembly. The reports lasted until 5:00. There was no attention to critical subjects like the impending MOSL nightmare and our APPR mess, for which Mulgrew has suggested previously that he has only made tepid responses that will be unlikely to work. While Olivia Swisher was called on to speak during the question period, no opposition delegate was called on to raise a motion during the new motions period. Remember: we haven’t been called on since November. Then, the decorum resolution was rushed through. Three resolves that UFC put into one amendment, despite popularity over the phone, failed to pass after a one-sided (Unity-friendly) debate on the resolution itself, and only two speakers being allowed to debate the amendment – one of which was LeRoy Barr (President of Unity Caucus). I was ready to speak to this amendment on the phone, but Rashad Brown called the question after only one opposition speaker – Ryan Bruckenthal – got a chance to speak.

If this is how UFT plans to handle future delegate assemblies, the message isn’t ‘unity,’ as they’ve been pretending (little ‘u’), it’s ‘Unity’ with a big U.


Anonymous said...

I Sent email to and it was returned.what is the correct email please

Anon2323 said...

800 million mental health program piece shit mayor wife lost. We need major mental health overhaul, phones not helping.

Shooter wasn't white media must be pissed screws their sick narrative up. People can obtain weapons like getting weed. Arm and train 1-3 teachers who can take out a shooter in that 1 in million chance happens your school.

hance happens in your school.

Let's be clear its not just Asian hate crime it's african american hate on 99% attacks made.

James air tight about covid, nothing on all the vaccine injuries granted there was an election. Three years shoving it down throats.

All vaccinated.

Anonymous said...

Of course we need to lower class sizes, but Mulgrew is such an idiot:

"Should we be paying for smaller class sizes? Does any other agency pay for their working conditions? Do police officers pay for their guns? Do firefighters pay for air conditioning in firehouses? Do sanitation people pay for their gas?"

False analogy. Those are objects or resources. That has nothing to do with available space or the number of people for whom we or our first responders are responsible.

"Why are NYC class sizes 15-30% higher than the rest of the state?"

Two reasons-- Population density (duh) and Mulgrew's terrible negotiation tactics.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Anon is really a dick. An embarrassment

Jonathan Halabi said...

Never asked for speakers against the decorum motion. I was on queue, on the phone.

Anonymous said...

"Hospitalizations have stayed down unlike in other parts of the country that are not as vaccinated. " WHAT a bunch of malachy.
The situation was OPPOSITE to this statement. Why are you botching the facts? Do you have a gag order on vaccine injuries? It is a shame tchrs are not encouraged to talk about them.
Do you have guts to report on two deaths in one school during the same week? 993Q district 75.

Anonymous said...

Mulgrew said, "No" when asked if there will be a longer school day. HOLD HIM TO HIS WORD!

Anonymous said...

A straight up deranged racist.

Anonymous said...

Here is the issue I have with Saturday academies being on a ‘volunteer’ basis. Let’s say you have a school(most likely elementary) where principals have a whole crop of rookies who don’t know any better or are afraid to say no. They start working every Saturday and it’s you are viewed differently for declining.

What happens next? More people start working and Mulgrew goes,”hmm. If more people are doing this, we may as well just make it part of the contract.”

Adams and banks are not dumb. They know this will happen.

Bloomberg did it, but in a more open way. Banks and adams want to put us against each other. I wish mulgrew could see this.

Anonymous said...

Why crowbar in the abortion issue when addressing Mayoral Control?
UFT does more rallying for abortion than for issues on which all members can agree; class-size, salary, health care, abusive admin, etc.

Mike said...

I was at the delegate assembly and was blown away. No calendar. Firing the superintendents, then taking it back. Cutting the education budget. Lies about class size. And yet, Mulgrew still supports Mayoral control. Okay, that makes no sense. What a leader we have. AND...APPR waiver passed and was signed almost two weeks ago, and there has been silence from the UFT. No Chapter leader update. No Tweet (besides UNITY). No mention at the DA, even though now with the history regents gone this has the potential to screw up ratings if we are supposed to have them. These are bread and butter issues and they are not being addressed.

waitingforsupport said...

@Anon2323: Only sees what fits his narrative of the world. Poor thang. I hope he is taking a daily aspirin because he seems as though he lives on 10.

Anonymous said...

Normally yes. But his blather doesn't merit a cogent reply. Dick sums it up perfectly.

Anonymous said...

I hope you’re taking meds waiting for support. Ya sound a little crazy. See how fun it is to just hurl insults. No thought needed.

Anonymous said...

It's totally fine, that's what Anon is.. he gets all overworked, blows his top, then shrivels up and hides away.

Anonymous said...

why are people saying there is going to be more excessing than in past that the atr pool is extinct where will all the excessed people go?

waitingforsupport said...

@1137am. You're the expert on being thoughtless

waitingforsupport said...

@Anon2323 screams FAKE NEWS the moment he takes his first hot breath in the morning. The news is only REAL when it comes to black folks. Silent about Buffalo terrorist attack. Not a kind word about the children and staff in Texas. What a meshugana.

Anonymous said...

1:19: Excessed teachers are placed into a school that has a vacancy. It's actually a good thing to get excessed now if you are in a school you don't like.

waitingforsupport said...

@732 thinks 8:44 pm is the "real embarrassment"? I think all of the illogical insulting ignorant rants by Anon2323 and many other posters are more concerning. Crickets on what Anon2323 said but clutching pearls about an organ. Puhlese.

Anonymous said...

How am I being held to a June 1st submission date for my terminal leave papers without a calendar? Make it make sense.

Anonymous said...

Nothing on APPR. UFT again has no pull.

Anonymous said...

They will...joing the unvaxxed

Anonymous said...

Well, that is because bull always did it for us, didn't it.

Anonymous said...

In another display of high ineffectiveness, the DOE has still not
delivered the 2022-2023 calendar.

Annual Rating for David Banks, NYC school chancellor: Highly Ineffective

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I guess she didn’t take her meds. And she’s got Yiddish on the brain. We know where that can lead. Ready to go all in on the Holocaust yet, Waiting For Support? Or still only willing to be passive aggressive about it?

Waiting for support said...


waitingforsupport said...

Lmho. 231 pm. Enjoy your Memorial day. Make a friend and try not to be such a meshuggeneh.

Anonymous said...

His ranking is what they say it is. Serves' input is not needed.
And it is ourselves who allowed to turn us into serves, isn't it?
Go get a booster. That's what serves are good for.

Anonymous said...

I sense you meant to insult her? Way to go, edvcator.

Anonymous said...

Seems like a likely place for the commu3that could not have stood up for their own. It is just a matter of time when "your" turn is to get a boot. As soon as you outlive your usefulness to the "new power".
So...stay ignorant-it is a bliss-keep your head down.

waitingforsupport said...

Pls watch ch 7 at 8 pm tonight to learn American History. It's amazing

Anonymous said...

Great program wtf, gotta feel sad for Asians being attacked by African Americans. Asian kids in my school ask me why do certain ethnic groups need to act so uncivilized

Anonymous said...

What do you tell them 10:53?

Anonymous said...

I tell them it’s not my place to judge the behavior of others but simply say all groups at times have certain people within their population who act uncivilized and we need to continue to uphold our standards of civility, reprimand/punish and hold those who constantly refuse to follow the standards of a civilized society accountable and not make excuses.

waitingforsupport said...

@1053am. If you watched the program and all you learned was what you posted, you need to return your teaching degree tout suite. Our educational system is failing too many people. Some don't even know it.

waitingforsupport said...

@12:06pm. Im curious. Are educators who pass students who actually should fail civilized or uncivilized? Is following your boss's "verbal" directive to do wrong a standard of a civilized society? Is there a system in place that is harming families? Is that a civilized society? Just asking for a buddy

waitingforsupport said...

@1053... "why do certain ethnic groups act so uncivilized" and "gotta feel sad for asians being attacked by African Americans". So the "liberal" media is now being believed? Maybe the next time your students ask that question you can encourage them to look up the history of America. Tell them it may not be accurately told in their history book because of the "fragility" of some ahem groups.
They will have to really research for the truth on their own. Tell them that these groups will try to gaslight by all means but if they really want an honest historical factual and accurate depiction of who has tried to banish their history--it is out there. Also please send a list of when the media is fake and not fake. It is so confusing for us dummies

Anonymous said...

2)yes, if you call us a civilized society.
4)shouldn't be, but it is our society.
Just look back at the padt school year. It was an epicenter of harming society.

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than getting self righteous radical liberals all fired up. Your welcome. Now back to my boat I named suck my dick you old white mother fucker or SMDYOWMF for short. Gotta love the liberal mindset. Thank you for playing waiting for support, as usually you are the most gullible

waitingforsupport said...

@1052.... possibly. But I think your mommy is more gullible i mean she birthed or bought you. Bad deal. I bet she regrets that decision every day. Hi mommy come get your daughter.

Anonymous said...

What’s a teaching degree? You liberals entertain me every day. Thanks
Oh James good effort in the last election. I voted for you wife/encouraged many in my school. We need our own high school union. We can start with that and when the elementary teachers see what real representation looks like they might join also, just food for thought thanks again

waitingforsupport said...

@823pm. What is uncivilized? What are our standards of civility? You said it "shouldn't be but it's our society". Is that your answer for a system that harms families?

Anonymous said...

Good one, thanks but to be honest I’m in the process of transitioning
Happy Memorial Day

Anonymous said...

Yep, waitingforreparations, always raising the bar for zherselph, is using "yo momma" retorts. Imagine being in zher class and all you would learn to help you succeed in the world...

Anonymous said...

What are you smoking?

Anonymous said...

Mommy talk is your default?

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments on this thread. Instead of being supportive, we are attacking each other. The UFT has created this division amongst its members. No mention of what will happen to unvaxxed members during the delegate assembly. Instead people are commenting that the atr’s will join the unvaxxed teachers. It should be a choice whether one wants to get vaxxed or not. There is a focus on the unvaxxed. What about focusing and reporting vaccine injuries?Once again no support for other members. Horrible! Mulgrew’s focus is on teachers in Ukraine. That’s great, but also help your teachers back at home too. We needed change in the union, unfortunately that didn’t happen only on the high school level. So we will continue to have a leader that looks out for himself and not his members. Very disappointing in every aspect!