Wednesday, January 18, 2023


The latest from Marianne on Facebook is good news: No City Council vote tomorrow on amending 12-126.

It may only be a matter of hours before Michael Mulgrew attempts to pull defeat out of the jaws of this major victory. Does he threaten us or on the other hand, maybe he takes credit.

Good Morning/ Good Afternoon

My name is ________________________and I am a retiree. The purpose of my call is to “Thank” the City Council Member for not supporting the passage of Intro bill 0874 from the Civil Service and Labor Committee. By having this bill laid aside, you have restored some of our faith in the system. We appreciate that your member heard our message to not listen to the Mayor and that retirees should not bear the burden of the city's budgetary issues.  The Medicare Advantage Plan will not provide us with proper healthcare coverage and we should not have to pay more to receive less care. We discovered there are several funding programs totaling over 300 million dollars that can be used to help balance the budget. There will be a bill introduced soon that will protect the status of our future healthcare, and we hope that your member will continue to stand with us and support it.

Thank you for hearing my statement, and being the voice for retirees. Thank you for listening.


(Your name), retiree # year


List of City Council Members on the Civil Service and Labor to be called:  (CALL BOTH NUMBERS)

28 Speaker Adrienne E. Adams  Legislative Office: 212-788-6850 District Office: 718-206-2068

10 Hon. Carmen De La Rosa  Legislative Office: 212-788-7053          District Office: 917-521-2616

3 Hon. Erik Bottcher District Office: 212-564-7757

5 Hon. Julie Menin  Legislative Office: 212-788-6865

11 Hon. Eric Dinowitz Legislative Office: (212) 788-7080          District Office: (718) 549-7300

15 Hon. Oswald Feliz Legislative Office:212-788-6966         District Office: 718-842-8100

21 Hon. Francisco P. Moya  212-788-6862         District Office: 718-651-1917

22 Hon. Tiffany Caban 718-274-4500

37 Hon. Sandy Nurse  Legislative Office:  212-788-7284       District Office: 718-642-8664

40 Hon. Rita Joseph Legislative Office: 212-788-7352       District Office:718-287-8762

49 Hon. Kamillah Hanks  Legislative Office: 212-788-6972      District Office: 718-556-7370


Copy/Paste these email addresses into your email:

This is the Council List for the Common Sense Caucus! EMAIL & CALL them with the same thank you!

Hon. Adrienne E. Adams Legislative Office: 212-788-6850 District Office: 718-206-2068 
Hon. Vickie Paladino Legislative Office: 212-788-7250 
Hon. Robert F. Holden Legislative Office: (212) 788-7381 District Office: (718) 366-3900 
Hon. Joann Ariola Legislative Office: 212-788-7069 District Office: 718-738-1083 or 718-318-6411 
Hon. Kalman Yeger Legislative Office: 212-788-7357 District Office: 718-853-2704 
Hon. Ari Kagan Legislative Office: 212-788-7045 District Office: 718-373-9673 or 718-307-7151 
Hon. Inna Vernikov Legislative Office: 212-788-7360 District Office: 718-368-9176 
Hon. David Carr Legislative Office: 212-788-7390 District Office: 718-980-1017 
Hon. Joseph C. Borelli Legislative Office: (212) 788-6989 or (212)-788-7159 District Office: (718) 984-5151


John Q. Teacher said...

Awesome news! Mulgrew is now going to spin this like a cheap top and say armageddon is here.

KenK said...

Marianne is not responsible for this, Mike is. He and his friend, Tom Murphy, masterminded this. Now, it is time to give credit where credit is due, to the great and powerful Mulgrew of Oz. Funny, but this is probably what they are believing on the "official" teacher retirement chat and the ever popular, and most interested in printing the truth (NOT) branch over in West Florida. Wonder who Harvey G (from the Florida UFT) is yelling at now??? GO MARIANNE!

Bronx ATR said...

This is a prime example of the true power of people coming together to accomplish something positive for the teachers of New York City. Unbelievably, for many, the people initiating the pain was the Uft. Not a surprise to any of us who have spent years swimming in the ATR cesspool or in a school that disregards every teacher, employee and human right imaginable (and there are many). The retirees were the one group that supported Mulgrew and the main reason (along with his rigged rules) that he got reelected over and over again. It is my sincere hope that he learns the career ending lesson, ‘not to bite the hand that feeds you’.
My retiree buddies got en masse calls yesterday from the Uft asking for COPE donations - I guess they need more funds to screw their own members. Thank you to all who worked so hard to thwart Mulgrew‘s treacherous machinations.

Quinn Zannoni said...

So what's next? Some possibilities:

A - The City and MLC agree to eliminate Senior Care as an option and the retirees sue that their promised benefits haven't been upheld and also they bring up the Moratorium Clause (that if the retirees benefits are diminishes, so must the active members benefits diminish).

B - The MLC doesn't agree to eliminate Senior Care and the City tries to go ahead with it anyway. Then either the MLC sues that their collective bargaining rights have been violated, or the retirees sue on similar grounds (and they also include the grievances from A above).

C - The City Council passes a bill to prevent the elimination of Senior Care and the City and MLC look elsewhere for savings.

Sound about right?

Quinn Zannoni said...

I don't mean any respect to somebody who may have a serious medical issue, but has anybody watched Harry Nespoli's speech at 3 hours and 17 minutes? He looks about as cogent as Dianne Feinstein. He doesn't finish half of his sentences -- and those he finishes don't make sense.
Meanwhile, the other guys at the table aren't very good at controlling their facial expressions.

With all due respect, it appears this man lacks the mental capacity to make healthcare decisions for half a million people and needs to step down from his post.

Bronx ATR said...

Quinn, that’s almost every other person in private and public office - from Biden down to Mulgrew. The good thing is that people are finally beginning to notice. The question that remains is will anyone do anything about it? There’s opportunity here - power is taken and now is the time for those who notice these buffoons to shut them down. What happened this week to Mulgrew and his party is a tremendous hope and victory towards a real and democratic United Federation of Teachers.