Saturday, February 04, 2023


 This is from the NYSUT Weekly Leader Briefing:

Feb. 3, 2023

NYSUT pushes back on charter school expansion

Much of the good news in the governor’s budget plan was overshadowed by a disturbing plan to expand corporate charter schools. The union is pushing back on allowing the return of “zombie” charter schools, or removing geographic caps to further expand charters. “Where public schools unite our communities, charter schools fracture them,” said NYSUT President Andy Pallotta, noting charter schools are a huge financial burden on home school districts. Key legislators are already bashing the idea.

Good news on school aid

After decades of NYSUT's advocacy, the executive budget follows through on a historic commitment to fully fund school aid, with a 10 percent statewide increase. Here are the projected school aid runs for each district. The budget also proposes full funding of BOCES and other expense-based aids; new funding for a Career and Technical Education program; and $106 million for additional full-time faculty for SUNY and CUNY. More details on the full budget to come.

President Mulgrew was pretty good in the press conference Friday opposing charter school expansion.


Unknown said...

I would say fine for charter schools if they would just take all the special ed students and not weed out any students and then send them back to the real public schools....after the charters send all the underperforming students back to public schools, they then pump their muscles and say look at our students and what they did! Except for the fact that they did not tell us that they kept the best students and released the others

Unknown said...

Better yet take all the SIFE students and migrants that are coming in. Get them to all pass Math and English exams. Then we'll be impressed.

Holden said...

Better yet have them take all the SIFE and Migrant students and bring them all up to the literacy and math levels that they are supposed to be at. Then I'll be impressed.