Wednesday, March 08, 2023


 It's a busy news day today. 

Last evening, someone on the Retire Healthcare Committee forwarded us an email from Chair and Unity stalwart Vince Gaglione that accused Marianne Pizzitola of doing a 180° turn on changing Administrative Code 12-126. Vinny was basing his email on a Politico story that quoted Marianne incompletely and Gaglione assumed Marianne was now supporting what the Municipal Labor Committee was trying to do to change the Administrative Code to allow the City to charge seniors to keep Senior Care and traditional public Medicare. Here are Vinny's words:

So, if I may point out the biggest reversal of position that I have seen in the last ten years  other than Trump's almost daily doublespeak, this article tells us that Ms. Pizzatola of the lawsuit organization now urges the City Council to AMEND THE ADMINISTRATIVE CODE!!!

Not exactly right, Vinny. Marianne Pizzitola (at least spell her name correctly please) leads the New York City Organization of Public Sector Retirees, not the lawsuit organization. Marianne does want the law changed but not in the way you, Michael Mulgrew, and the MLC were looking to do. She doesn't want GHI Senior Care to be offered as a pay-up plan costing retirees almost $200 each per month for a Medigap plan that pays less than 20% of retiree healthcare. 

Marianne does want the Administrative Code changed. She wants a law passed that would make healthcare like our pensions, a guaranteed contractual arrangement that the government can't mess with the way the MLC and the City are messing with us by forcing retirees into Aetna Mulgrewcare.

Vinny, you should have checked with somebody before you ran to print out, "President Mulgrew was right!" No, he was and is totally wrong on healthcare.

Marianne does not favor changing 12-126 as the MLC wanted. This video should clear up any confusion on her position.

I do appreciate that Vinny did allow a partial response to his misinformation in a subsequent email. That said, could someone please send out this post to the Committee to fully set the record straight.


Educators of NYC sent out this picture of Vince Gaglione from 2015 when he and Retired Teachers Chapter Leader Tom Murphy were fighting to save Medicare from the privatizers. What changed?

Blind loyalty to Unity Caucus.


In other healthcare news tonight, copays are doubling in GHI- CBP from $50 to $100 for those using the popular CityMD. If the City doesn't reach agreements on pricing for hospitals or urgent care facilities, we get the higher bill, not anybody else. Nick Bacon analyzes it here at the New Action blog and says our only response is to organize and say, Enough!

This was buried in a UFT Newsletter:


JR said...

You wonder why we are made fools of…

This guy had to get the anti Trump zinger in when the negotiations are completely dem run, including mayor, governor, uft, doe…in left wing liberal nyc.

But Trump does too much double talk.

Fan of the Blog said...

Moose Here:

This woman is fantastic by the way! CityMD co-pays up to $100. Sickening. Absolutely sickening. Can we get some people in here who know what they are doing?

caprice240k said...

We can go to the emergency room, it's still only $50