Thursday, June 26, 2014


Today is a very emotional day for many people as Jamaica High School will hold its final graduation ceremony this evening.  I am sure friends at other closing schools such as Norman Thomas, Beach Channel, Columbus and many more are experiencing similar feelings.

For me personally, it is the end of a twenty-eight year teaching stint at the 122 year old Jamaica HS that will officially cease to exist. 

As of today, we are still trying to make sure every eligible student is permitted to graduate.


Anonymous said...

Sad times indeed

Zulma, retired math teacher said...

I am happy for the kids to know that they're graduating from such a prestigious 122 year-old HS.

I'm so saddened that Bloomberg brought demise to a school of such capacity and historical years in existence.

I'm so saddened that to know that James' your 28 years there ended today. But, it will never be forgotten because your former students will remember you. Your colleagues will remember you and your efforts. And, most importantly your union sisters and brothers will remember you. Bloomberg might have closed the school but it did not kill the spirit that is Jamaica HS.

I want to wish you the best. May you and your wife, with baby in tow, have a wonderful, relaxing summer.

Anonymous said...

James, I have never met you in person but have worked with close to 10 ATRs this school year who do know you. Every single one them praised you after telling them that I never met you personally but have learned a great deal from you from your postings. Wishing you nothing but the best!

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg, having grown up in Massachusetts, has no sense whatsoever of the deep history that lives in New Yorkers and profound connection to the great high schools of this city, the high schools that he dismantled and destroyed. What does he care anyway, the only thing of meaning to him is money.
Take with you James, that we are all rooting for you. The best of the best.

Audrey Dennis said...

Dear James,

Congratulations! You are a graduate also with the last students graduating from Jamaica High School. You’ve left a legacy in that building----something your students will remember years from now. They’ll know that you were a man of integrity who has made history. You were fighting for a cause that people with “common sense” thought was a cause worth fighting for, but those who had a different agenda fought as hard to put obstacles in your path each time you tried to stay the course in reaching your objective to keep Jamaica High School open, but do not despair even at this hour, God is still in control; and He is on your side. The battle is no longer yours; it is now the Lord's.

I can relate to what you have been going through because I had a battle of a different kind; albeit, a lot similar at another high school; however, there is something else waiting for you at the end of the rainbow.

I pray for the best for you; so keep on standing up for your principles and values; others like me respect your stance on fighting for a cause such as this that was worth fighting for to the very end.

God’s richest blessings to you and your family,
Audrey Dennis