Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Phone calls, texts and emails came flooding in today as ATR's received their annual ratings. Everyone received last year's rating and Cumulative Absent Reserve numbers.  They said they would fix it but didn't anyone look this over before sending the ratings out?

We all make mistakes and this one could easily be forgiven but if Central DOE can't get this simple task right, why are they still given a free reign to harass ATR's and the rest of us?  Where is the media to expose the DOE incompetence?

If teachers messed up paperwork citywide, it would be front page news.  DOE administrative ineptitude will hopefully be reported by more than just by Chaz and me.


Anonymous said...

Just one more reason why I am always embarrassed to tell anyone I work for the NYC DOE.

Pogue said...

Not only is it a nicer "tone" at the DOE, but it's a more incompetent "tone", as well.


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Carmen Farina and Mike Mulgrew

Anonymous said...

They can't even get this right. Having that extra $600 in my account today certainly is not making me feel that good. I wonder if all of those people who voted for the contract are saying that's all yet?

Anonymous said...

I received a notice in my doe email account last night that my rating as an ATR was available. In order to retrieve my rating, I had to click on the link provided and use my doe username and password. However,after numerous attempts, it was not accepting my doe password. I called HR Connect this morning explaining the problem and the lady said that the system is only compatible with Internet Explorer 6, 7, or 8. Since I have IE 11, it would mean that I would have to downgrade three versions of IE in order to retrieve my rating.