Tuesday, November 08, 2016


My family just returned home from voting. What a crowd at our local school. My wife and I never had to wait on a huge line like that before to vote.

A large turnout is healthy for our democracy but in non-presidential elections where politicians are elected who make some of the most important policy decisions, we barely see anyone at the polls.

For my family, this is the fourth election of the year with the presidential primary, the congressional primary, the assembly primary and now the general election. Camille and I voted in all of them. We took our kids too. Actually, it's election number five if we count the UFT election.

Even though I am a political junkie and enjoy teaching participation in government, I must admit I am totally sick of this election for president and am looking forward to seeing it in the rear view mirror.

How was everyone's Professional Development today? At Middle College it is never stressful and usually somewhat interesting.


Anonymous said...

It's quiet at 52 Broadway.

Anonymous said...

Now we can bankrupt the corrupt uft.

Anonymous said...

The UFT endorsement is the "kiss of ddeath" for politicians!

Secretary Randi-not said...

Next UFT election tip. Call Mulgrew crooked Mike!

Anonymous said...

No, its fine. Remember, we got off to a smooth start this year. And we got an extra $20 in teachers choice. i cant wait to stop paying dues.

Anonymous said...

Only 11 months till our next, tiny retro payment.