Sunday, November 20, 2016


Our old friend and former Jamaica High School colleague Chaz did a great job of presenting at Saturday's Absent Teacher Reserve forum. Chaz gave out a great deal of information in his presentation and then fielded numerous questions from about 40 Absent Teacher Reserves who gave up their Saturday to attend the ATR meeting at CUNY in Manhattan.

Norm Scott and UFT Executive Board member Arthur Goldstein also made significant contributions as did the ATRs in attendance who were a knowledgeable, spirited group.

Some of the topics covered were:

  • The history of the ATR mess
  • The 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014 (now expired) ATR agreements
  • Rights of ATRs
  • Contacting Mike Sill/Amy Arundell at the UFT if an ATR's rights are being violated
  • Filing grievances
  • Attempts to organize ATRs
  • Age discrimination
  • Difficulty in getting hired permanently
  • Provisional positions
  • Problem codes for people who are 3020a hearing survivors
  • Weekly, monthly, or yearly rotations-What works best?
  • Organizing ourselves
  • ATR's having a class for six months being covered under Danielson

People also shared legal strategies that worked. 

A major highlight for me was when Chaz told everyone who survived a 3020 (termination) hearing that they won because the Board of Ed was trying to fire them and the Board was not successful. Sometimes, people feel a little down after being targeted, often without legitimate cause. To see ATRs being told to feel good about themselves was uplifting. 

I was also super-impressed when there was an energetic call in the group for a follow-up meeting. 

My main contribution was to tell teachers to document, document and then document some more at the first sign of trouble. 

I want to thank my wife for watching our two kids and then talking with many of the ATRs at the end of the meeting.

If anyone needs to file a grievance on something such as an improper observation, email us at We can walk you through the process. Also, please email us if you need other documents.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks James, MORE/ICEUFT, Chaz for the meeting. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend.

Anonymous said...

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I want to thank Chaz for doing a great job on Saturday. Very informative.

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Anonymous said...

The more important issue is our fight against people like rhee and moskowitch. We as a union need to figure out our plan of attack. I did not attend the ATR meeting this past saturday due to the fact that right now EVERYONE is an ATR. Our entire existence is at stake now and its not just about ATRs any more. We ALL in the UFT are now fighting for our lives and not just ATRs people. We need to focus our energies on that rather than still mocking on about the ATR crisis and the issues ATRs have to deal with. No, now the game has changed and EVERYONE needs to pitch in otherwise trouble lies ahead no matter who you are.