Monday, March 19, 2018


The Jersey City teachers' strike is over as the union and the school board reached a tentative settlement. Union members will vote in April as will the Board of Education. We don't know the details yet. says this:

The deal came after a 13-hour negotiation session Sunday.

"I think we reached a fair and equitable agreement with the district," Ron Greco, president of the Jersey City Education Association, told The Jersey Journal. The union represents 4,000 teachers and other school workers.
Further down, continues:
Teachers and more than 1,000 other school workers walked off the job Friday to protest high health care costs. Schools remained open for a half-day with substitute teachers. It was the first teachers' strike since 1998.
Teachers say Chapter 78, the 2011 New Jersey law that revamped how school workers pay for their health benefits, has resulted in them taking home less money despite salary increases.
This dispute has been closely watched by the statewide teachers union. A win in Jersey City on what teachers call "Chapter 78 relief" could help teachers in other towns win lower health care costs. 
The details of the deal remain unknown, but Thomas said it includes an agreement on salaries and health care costs.
A judge on Friday afternoon ordered teachers to return to their classrooms on Monday, citing a New Jersey law that bans public union workers from going on strike.
We'll need a few more details to see if this was a win for the teachers.


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