Tuesday, March 27, 2018


At the last Executive Board meeting, UFT Secretary and chair Howie Schoor told the High School reps they should write a resolution if they believe Absent Teacher Reserves (teachers and other UFT members not permanently assigned to a school) want their own UFT Chapter. Arthur Goldstein responded by writing a resolution that he sent out. I added a few technical details and here is the final version that was presented at last night's Exec Bd meeting:

Resolution to Grant Representation to the Absent Teacher Reserve

Whereas, members of the Absent Teacher Reserve are dues-paying UFT members, and;

Whereas, it behooves us to represent all UFT members, and;

Whereas, members of the ATR are likely to be rotated regularly, and;

Whereas, the UFT Executive Board approved a Chapter Election Guide and Bylaws that require ATR members to vote for Chapter Leaders and Teacher Delegates in the schools they are working in on May 1; and

Whereas, ATR members are very unlikely to be represented by the chapter leaders and Teacher Delegates of the buildings in which they’re working in on May 1 next September, and;

Whereas, it’s preposterous to elect people who you know won’t represent you; and

Whereas, it’s a fundamental tenet of democracy to choose your representatives, and;

Whereas, we have no idea when or if the Absent Teacher Reserve will cease to exist; and

Whereas, Article IX, Section 7 of the UFT Constitution authorizes the Executive Board to "establish functional chapters for employees in institutions not under the direct control of the Board of Education, or whose functions in the school system differ from those of the regular teaching staff;" and

Whereas, the ATR position differs significantly from that of a teacher assigned permanently to a school;  be it therefore,

Resolved, that the UFT Executive Board will establish a functional chapter for the Absent Teacher Reserve as per Article IX, Section 7 of the UFT Constitution until such time as the ATR ceases to exist; and be it further

Resolved, that members of the ATR shall elect their own chapter leader and teacher delegates, and be it further

Resolved that this elected chapter leader and delegates shall represent them within the UFT, just as other functional chapter leaders and delegates represent their chapters.

Only an autocratic, insensitive, anti-democratic Unity hack would say no to a temporary chapter that the ATRs clearly need and want. Arthur's report shows how Unity dismisses the ATRs:

Arthur GoldsteinMORE—It’s pretty tough to be in the Absent Teacher Reserve. You have to go from school to school and you’re unable to make long term connections with either students or colleagues. We’re now telling them they can vote for chapter leaders and delegates who will, in all likelihood, not represent them in September.

That’s absurd. I understand the rationale that the ATR is a temporary thing, and I have been hearing that since 2005. I certainly hope it’s temporary, and bearing that in mind, this resolution suggests we eliminate the chapter as soon as we eliminate the ATR. It is, therefore, a win-win. I urge you to vote for this resolution and empower our brothers and sisters in the Absent Teacher Reserve.

Dolores Sozopony—Been on for years. If I recall, we brought this issue up several times. Was brought up three years ago. I understand and feel it but they have representation from the CL of whatever school they are in. Ask vote against.

Eliu Lara
—To create functional chapter is too agree we want ATR forever. Idea is to reduce that. No doubt that any ATR who needs representation will have it, at least in the Bronx. We don’t need this functional chapter because they are represented.

Stuart Kaplan
—Opposes. When I first started in 2003, I was an ATR. First person I met was CL, who was my CL. Taught me I should treat ATRs same way I would treat any other member. Should think of training CLs to have respect for ATRs that they deserve. I’ve had an ATR In my school for three months. Always left feeling like they were part of the family.

KJ Ahluwalia
New Action--People presume I was an ATR. I wasn’t. I was in a closing school. Supposed to be temporary, but around for 13 years. It’s ideal we treat all members with same respect, but it’s not happening. Why not ask 800-900 ATRs what they need. If they think they need it they should have right.

Fails on party lines. 

Michael Mulgrew's Unity Caucus again tells ATRs they don't need their own temporary chapter.

Ever wonder why so many people can't stand the UFT leadership?

You can send President Mulgrew a message by spreading the petition to repeal the teacher evaluation laws in NYS.


Anonymous said...

Hello Jauns, goodbye Unity.

Anonymous said...

Not the answer.

Anonymous said...

The beast must be slayed and then a new king shall emerge!

Anonymous said...

Let’s see. The UFT is currently not supporting ATR’s and the UFT supports Danielson and 4 observations. I. Other words, they have pretty much disenfranchised every school teacher in NYC. And the UFT expects us to just sit back and take it all and keep paying dues? I don’t think so. I
Unless they change their course of action, folks will be leaving the UFT in droves. We will transfer our pensions to another NYS school district that actually supports teachers and had s union that looks out for their best interests.

Anonymous said...

Any ATR that continues to pay dues is a fool.

Anonymous said...

The UFT is basically an affiliate of the DOE. It doesn't act as a union that puts Union Member's rights first. It is "top down", & far removed from the lives & hopes of its' members...

Anonymous said...

So make a statement and sign the petition at the right to change the evaluation system.

Anonymous said...

The UFT is helping by not challenging anything the DOE does to terminate experienced teachers that are dumped to the ATR pool.

Anonymous said...

There are thousands of NYC teachers who desperately needed help from the UFT at one time or another and were completely ignored. I was subject to a verbal abuse allegation. Called UFT borough office asking for a rep to come to my interview. Borough said chapter leader will take care of it. Total bullshit if you ask me. The UFT wants my money but will not even send over a borough rep to help me? What a joke. If the UFT wants members to pay dues post Janus, they need to make some serious changes such as guaranteeing that they will represent their own members in times of need.

Anonymous said...

the fact that most uft members won't sign the petition shows this union is dead. We basically work for DOE w/o representation and we should be able to deduct our dues as a charitable donation - as the the welfare fund for Michael Mulgrew and company.