Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Alaska Can Teach Us Some Lessons

There are a number of school districts around the country struggling with contracts. While comparisons are always difficult to make, our Brothers and Sisters in Anchorage can teach us a lesson or two. Last night the Anchorage Education Association voted to authorize a strike after rejecting the school district’s last offer.

86.6% of their 3400+ membership voted. A bit more than we get.

The union’s website contains information about the status of negotiations and where the problems are. For example, a quick review of their website reveals that the District’s last offer of 2.5% per year was counter-offered by the Union’s 3.0% for three years.

Proposed contract provision changes are clearly put out on the website. It is clear that the membership knew (or could have easily found out) just why they authorized the strike.

Can you imagine the UFT’s website having just a small fraction of the information offered in Alaska?

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