Tuesday, August 30, 2005

UFT Concerted Inaction

Remember last June when we left school (and Madison Square Garden) believing if there was no contract in September something BIG was going to happen? Well, we just heard that the big PLAN is a post card blitz on the Mayor. POSTCARDS? It is truly unbelievable. Here we have a mayor seeking givebacks and concessions (we already know that our disciplinary procedures will be DOE streamlined to whittle down our due process rights) and yet we are going to send him postcards!

For those of you who tried to follow the state of negotiations over the summer the biggest reported story is how Randi was on Federal jury duty and wouldn’t return calls from the Mayor.

Perhaps the POSTCARDS will break the stalemate…..yeah, right?

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Anonymous said...

I think that Randi should just say that all teachers should vote for Bloomberg in the next election. That would show him (her endorsement seems to be the kiss of death!)

Gas is up in my neighborhood about 50 cents a gallon this week....my salary is not up.

Thanks, Randi--for working so hard for the teachers. I think that postcard blitz will be as successful as our rally in MSG.