Sunday, April 06, 2014


The MORE crew with our friends Rob Pearl and Beth Dimino from the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association at the NYSUT Representative Assembly Saturday
I spent a long afternoon and evening on Friday and an unending day on Saturday at the NYSUT Representative Assembly. The election results are in but we have agreed not to disseminate them until they are told officially to the Delegates on Sunday.  Needless to say, we will have some analysis later on.


Anonymous said...

Very sad day for students and teachers everywhere. Shame on teachers who side with Unity over real hard-working teachers!!

I noticed that... said...

It's a sad day in our democratic society but I strongly believe that this temporary defeat for the MORE members is the beginning of greater things to come. As stated on NYCE's blog, you woke up and stirred the conscience of many members. If the rank-and-file have sat quietly before never questioning the leadership, they will definitely question the "seat at the table" rhetoric that the AFT/UFT leadership constantly use.

I truly believe that you guys epitomized the "stronger together" motto. Watch how "stronger together" you and many members will be come May 2016.

Thank you!