Wednesday, April 16, 2014


It's not a surprise to me but when you click for Revive NYSUT, you will be sent to the official NYSUT site.  Revive was a convenient campaign site for the NYSUT election that has now disappeared.

While in Chicago last summer, one of the pieces of advice given from members of CORE (CTU President Karen Lewis's caucus) was to strongly urge groups to keep their dissident caucuses together even after winning union elections.  Revive was started as a change group and won the NYSUT election with four new officers including President Karen Magee and one incumbent: Executive Vice President Andy Pallotta.  They have quickly morphed into the established leaders. 

We don't want people to forget the Revive NYSUT promises so here they are straight from a leaflet they handed out at the NYSUT Representative Assembly.

Revive NYSUT is...
  • Against Common Core
  • Against APPR
  • Against High Stakes Testing
  • For Opt Out Parental Rights
  • For a New SED Commissioner and Regents
  • For an End to RTTT and an End to Gates $
  • Against Cuomo
  • Against the Tax Cap and the GEA
  • For NYSUT Transparency
  • Against Fort Orange Club Memberships
What Revive NYSUT is not...
  • We are not puppets of the UFT.  We represent members from the Bronx to Buffalo.
  • We are not Pro-Cuomo.  We have called him the Scott Walker of NY.

This is a comprehensive agenda.  Let's see how they do now that they are in office.


Francesco Portelos said...

Good thing for the Wayback Machine

Anonymous said...

Need to keep this handy ..clock is ticking on promises made

Anonymous said...

The only one they will keep is on the club membership. Expect Pallotta/Mulgrew business as usual for everything else. They will not do anything to stop an AFL-CIO Cuomo endorsement.