Saturday, July 12, 2014


Norm Scott's ceaseless coverage at Ed Notes of the AFT Convention in Los Angeles should not be missed.

Hearing about AFT President Randi Weingarten talk out of all sides of her mouth that she favors democracy on whether or not the AFT should support a Chicago Teachers Union resolution opposing Common Core, while behind the scenes the UFT Unity Caucus leaders from NYC are making sure to take control of even a committee debate on the issue, is nothing new for anybody who has been to a UFT Delegate Assembly meeting.

Even the normally pro-Randi Diane Ravitch is siding with CTU while acknowledging that Randi has the NYC votes locked up to block anything in the national union.  If the Unity people from NYC want to go to another convention paid for at member expense or see a union job, they will do what they are told and will not oppose Common Core.

If one really wants to see what the AFT leadership is really about, just watch the video linked here

They are up to their necks in corporate school reform and asking them to reject Gates money, as some California Delegates are doing, seems kind of na├»ve . 

The rank and file needs to step up.

Norm we all owe you for your efforts.


Anonymous said...

Weingarten's legacy as UFT president is leaving us with the brilliant and talented Michael Mulgrew.

Anonymous said...

We'll get our money in 2020. Thanks Randi

Anonymous said...

Randi is the one who should step down and resign. She was barely in the classroom and should not be dictating education policy across the nation. When I think about Randi the first word that comes to mind is sellout (I wonder why). The members need to wake up and not allow this lawyer who is masquerading as an educator to torpedo our careers.