Friday, December 19, 2014


From Perdido Street School via Capital Confidential, we learn that Cuomo's offensive against us has been launched and it is a nightmare.

 Here are some of the areas Cuomo suggests could see so-called reform or push in the next legislative season:

1. The evaluation system
2. The 3020a disciplinary process
3. The ATR pool in NYC
4. Teacher certification
5. Probationary period for teachers
6. Making it easy to close schools
7. Increase in charter schools, especially in NYC
8. Adding more technology to the system, including online classes
9. Consolidating districts
10. Reforming the Regents appointment process
11. Making the hiring of NYSED Commissioner King's replacement transparent

Sounds like a Bloombergian dystopia.

All I can say is thank heavens for Shelly Silver and the State Assembly Democrats but even they may not be able to stop this onslaught. Anyone who believes we are safe could be in for a rude awakening.

Perdido wrote an open letter to AFT President Randi Weingarten calling for action.  You think she'll answer?


Anonymous said...

Teachers and their families are going to have to do this on their own. Every teacher in this state MUST call their state representatives, Assemblymen and Senators. They must have their spouses and grown children call. Anyone in the family who votes and would be adversely effected by the loss of the teacher's livelihood. Teachers can no longer be passive. The Unions, as usual, will do nothing out of fear of losing their "children's stool at the table."

Anonymous said...

Why bother having a union then?

Anonymous said...

If I recall in January ICE said the UFT should oppose Cuomo and Mulgrew and his people voted it down. Another brilliant move by the UFT.

Anonymous said...

How about a teacher shortage because many of our students resemble that cop killer from yesterday?

Anonymous said...

Take the racist garbage somewhere else please. There is no place in ICE for it.

Anonymous said...

Even EVIL EYES Cuomo himself doesn't belive in his own education agenda. His "Handlers" advise him that this is the path to take to the White House. I'm sure they are also advising him, and correctly so, that the UFT is weak and will not oppose him in a serious way.