Sunday, May 03, 2015


If anyone is an Absent Teacher Reserve, a Leave Replacement Teacher or a UFT member interested in basic fairness, come join us at the UFT Executive Board meeting on Monday, May 4, 2015 at 6:00 PM to hear the ATRS make our case for full voting rights and a UFT Chapter.

We will be gathering beforehand at 5:30 PM on the second floor for a pre-meeting.

ATRs could surely use everyone's support as we try to persuade the union's leadership to listen to reason and give us our full democratic rights.

See our letter to the Union here.

I haven't been on the Executive Board for a while but it used to be a pretty good dinner served at these meetings. Norm Scott used to review the cuisine.


Mr.Hughesonline said...

1 Question:

How do you suppose an ATR can fulfill all duties and responsibilities of a Chapter Leader/Delegate in a building (Chapter and Consultation meetings, SLT, etc.) if, by nature of the position, they'd only be at said building for a few weeks at a time? Moreover, they'd probably serve one cycle at said building once ALL YEAR.
How will that be addressed?

wwoodruff said...

If the goal is to truly get all members of the ATR placed in full time positions then they will are represented. The ATR pool was agreed to to protect them so that they were not dismissed and because people did not like seniority bumping. They kept their jobs, and now are being sent on interviews to obtain a permanent assignment. They get to vote for the CL in the school they are assigned in in April when the lists came out. What your asking for is to have a more permanent pool of ATR members. It does nothing to get them placed in permanent assignments faster.

Former Teacher said...


From your comments, you have not been in a school building for the past 15 years.

Former Teacher said...

Mr. Hughesonline,

If Chapter leaders were doing all the things you say they are doing, then why do I see all these strange interpretations of the UFT contract in school buildings.Here is a small list of what I see: oversized classes, sixth period classes, four classes in a row, the sixth period paid as a coverage, uncertified teachers with full time programs,teachers being paid per diem for full time programs. I am sure I could go on and on. So if this is situation with teachers with a chapter leader full time in the building, then having an ATR as a chapter leader would not be too problematic. Remember we now have outside evaluators who will be rotating assistant principals. The union has not spoken against it. So an ATR can certainly fulfill whatever duties the chapter leaders are presently concerned with.

John Kamps said...

Former Teacher,
The issues you have seen are the very reason you need a CL that is present in every school. Cause administrations try to get away with stuff like this all the time and if things like that are occurring under the CL's nose while they're in the same building imagine if they weren't.

James Eterno said...

Very simple answer on how to cover many schools is the model set by the guidance counselor, para, secretary and other citywide Chapter leaders. They get time to go to various schools to fulfill their CL responsibilities as do teachers who work in schools with more than one site. This could easily be done for ATRs.

Mr.Hughesonline said...

So, if I understand correctly, an ATR can run for chapter leader or delegate at a school, then be given time to attend CL functions, like the aforementioned SLT meetings, or consultation meetings. Do you think the DOE will be so generous?

But what about the suprise disciplinary hearings? Or the Protocol meetings with school construction, which usually happens during the workday? Better yet, when will an ATR who is a CL or delegate simply have time to get to know the staff and culture of the building if they're hardly ever there?

Anonymous said...

That is the point Mr Hughes. That is why ATRS want a chapter.

Raving Lunatic said...

To all my fellow Unity members--kindly stop making Mr. Eterno's case. We OPPOSE his position. Please think of some reasons why.

Thank you. That will be all.