Saturday, April 15, 2017


The first and only time I met Bill de Blasio there was just something about the encounter where I thought this is someone who really might not be listening. When I subsequently called his office for help for Jamaica High School, not surprisingly we got nowhere.

News came from Staten Island this week that does not shock me at all. Mayor de Blasio took a position against teachers speaking out on education policy.

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An IS 61 teacher asked de Blasio why teachers are under a "gag order" not to speak ill about state tests, when teachers elsewhere encourage their students to opt out of tests.

"Think of what it would lead to" if teachers openly criticized every education policy they disagreed with, de Blasio said.

It would lead to a better school system if someone in power actually listened to working teachers.

It would improve education immensely if teachers had our free speech rights respected. Free speech is necessary in a healthy democracy. It is stifled regularly these days.

We'll keep trying to exercise those free speech rights here. For example, I very much doubt I will be supporting the Mayor's reelection. Also, I totally oppose de Blasio keeping control of the school system..


Anonymous said...

Yet another reason why DeBlasio should not have control of the schools. There are so many ... That bald head motherfucker Mulgrew should come out against it but he's DeBlasio's lap dog.

Anonymous said...

Mr DeBlasio...

It would lead to the vibrancy, health, and well being of our democracy.

Perhaps the mayor would better serve the people of New York City by taking college level courses in American Government.

Anonymous said...

This clown is just a lazy slob who hasn't accomplished anything for NYC. He shows up for work late, lounges around for a few hours and then leaves early. And doesn't work most Fridays.
The only thing he is adept at is shaking down EVERYONE he meets for a campaign donation. Total loser.

Anonymous said...

He's what everyone calls progressive. Selective free speech that doesn't impinge upon his agenda seems to be the expectation. And who is the UFT endorsing for mayor in the upcoming election? Out of touch.

Anonymous said...

Did he oppose the UFT marching against Trump yesterday? How many of the welfare recipients dont pay any taxes but get all the bebefits? He loves them.

Anonymous said...

Trump has paid more in taxes than all of them combined.

Anonymous said...