Friday, November 09, 2018


I have no idea why this took a week, but tonight the UFT released final tallies on the contract ratification. The UFT noted that it was overwhelmingly approved by most teachers and others but they did not even bother mentioning how the therapists resoundingly defeated their contract. I added the bold for the therapists just for them. Almost 12,000 no votes and opposition wasn't in too many schools. If only we organized in them.

Job Title                                                        Yes             No           Percent Ratifying
(all titles covered under teachers' contract)       53,107        8,601                86%

Paraprofessionals                                                          17,862         1,891               90%                                                                                                                 
School Secretaries                                                            2,335        180                  93%

Guidance Counselors                                                         1,878         282                 87%

Psychologists & Social Workers                                  904         135                 87%

Occupational and physical therapists      455          796          36%             

Staff Nurses                                                                        267             15                 95%

Attendance Teachers                                                      109               2                 98%

Hearing Officers                                                                  106               6                95%

Supervisors of School Security                                  56              0                100%

Lab Specialists                                                                  39               5                 89%

Supervisors of Nurses and Therapists                            21                6                  78%

Sign Language Interpreters                                       18                0                  100%

Directors of Alcohol and Substance Abuse               7                0                   100%

Totals                                                                               77,164        11,919                 87% 

There were 89,083 total votes cast this year compared to 90,459 in 2014. That's 1,376 fewer voters. In terms of teachers, there were 61,708 votes cast in 2018 compared to 64,232 in 2014. I can't explain that 2,524 drop in numbers for teachers. Perhaps it shows where the UFT is dead in some schools.


Anonymous said...

How many total teachers are there in the uft active.

ed notes online said...

Around 70,000 teachers

James Eterno said...

DOE website says 75,000 teachers.

ed notes online said...

We usually go by the ballots sent out in elections. In 2016 the rough numbers were less than 20k in high schools, around 12K MIDDLE and 36K in elem. SO maybe there are 7 thousand more teachers over the past 3 years. And we also need to subtract the agency fee payers who don’t vote. About 3000 or so,

Gatinvisible said...
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