Monday, July 08, 2019


The National Education Association voted down a proposal to make opposition to charter school expansion a condition for its 2020 presidential endorsement. If this had passed, it could have compelled a move toward public schools in the race for the Democratic nomination for president. Its rejection by the NEA could mean the NEA and AFT are leaning toward a safe middle of the road endorsement for POTUS.

I am not surprised by the vote but it is not good news for public schools.

This is from Politico:


A day after applauding Sen. Bernie Sanders' call to pause charter school expansion, the union voted against making such opposition a condition of its endorsement.

—The vote could signal how tricky this issue may be for unions. While they have blamed charter school growth in some states for taking money away from traditional public schools, some charter school teachers are members of unions.

—Sanders (I-Vt.), one of 10 candidates who participated in the group’s forum on Friday, came out swinging against charter schools, citing his proposal to end federal funding for for-profit charter schools and to place a moratorium on all new charter schools until they can be studied. Union members also applauded when New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said “no federal funding for charter schools.” See our takeaways from the forum.

—The defeated business item would have required candidates seeking an endorsement to publicly oppose all charter school expansion. The item says that would mean repudiating the policies of the former and current education secretaries, Arne Duncan and Betsy DeVos, while offering the rationale that charter schools’ purpose is to “cheapen education and strip young people and their families of the right to a public education.”


Anonymous said...

Odds for AFT-NEA Endorsement:

Biden- Even odds

Harris - 4 to 1

Warren- 7 to 1

Buttigieg- 10 to 1

Sanders - 20 to 1

The rest of the Democratic Field - 18 to 1

Trump- 10,000 to 1

Hillary - 50 to 1 (Randi may endorse Hillary out of habit.)

Pogue said...

Either they endorse the most Pro-union(s) candidate, or they're full of it.

Anonymous said...

They're always full of it. Read the last post from Saturday. Fuck the parents

ed notes online said...

Antonucci quotes you and digs down.

Don’t Get Too Excited About That NEA Charter School Vote - At the National Education Association Representative Assembly in Houston last week, delegates voted down New Business Item 59, which read: The NEA demand....

ATR 25/55 said...

How many times were the words "Union" "Labor" or a combination used in the recent debates? These idiots are pandering to illegal aliens who undercut the wages of minorities and low-skilled workers. As for medicare for all, if that replaces our "hard won" benefits, will we get something else in return? Spoiler alert - NO!! These clowns are not for labor unions - only for their support on election day, nothing more. And it is not the dems who are making this economy healthier.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans and many corporate Democrats want to kill public education. There go your benefits then.

Anonymous said...

You won't see this in mainstream media.

Bernie Sanders has raised more money than any candidate in this race and he's done it with more than double the number of individual donations and a much lower average contribution ($19) than anyone else.

Pogue said...

Simply Google "Bernie Sanders and strikers" to see who walks the walk.

Bronx ATR said...

Charter schools are a foregone conclusion. All teacher unions know it. Weingarten knew it years ago when the UFT opened its own charter school. If the truth truly comes out about the massive academic fraud being perpetrated on taxpayers, students and their parents there will be an acceleration of their growth. The UFT plays both sides of the fence - not publicly against charters and quietly fighting them. It’ll embrace them once the tipping point is reached. It will eventually attempt to unionize them. It should be fighting to unionize them all now, for a variety of reasons, one being many present teachers may find themselves eventually working in them (if they’re fortunate). The real danger is that most public ed teachers and schools will be replaced en masse. If a mayor like Bloomberg gets into office that becomes a real possibility.