Sunday, October 25, 2020


I have read numerous articles from Sue Edelman exposing what is going on in NYC public schools. This weekend there were three very interesting pieces that caught my attention.

The first was on a birthday party for an eighth-grade girl that could end up being a COVID-19 super spreader event.

An 8th grader held a birthday party with four classmates from her Bronx school before testing positive for COVID-19 — raising fears of a “super-spreader” event, The Post has learned.

The party, which took place inside a small apartment, featured a “cake fight” with girls smearing icing on each other’s faces, the kids told staffers at PS/MS 20 in Norwood.

“She blew out the candles,” one said. “They were not social distancing, and nobody was wearing masks.”

The birthday girl, 13, did not come to school on Monday because she felt ill.

On Wednesday morning, the mom told the school that her daughter had tested positive.

“She’s very sick,” with a fever, chills, chest pain, a sore throat and rashes, the insider said.

The school immediately sent the students in the same class to the isolation room to wait for parents to pick them up. The students were told to quarantine for 14 days.

But the girl’s seven teachers were not informed until the end of the day — after teaching all their other classes — because administrators could not find substitutes to cover for them immediately, insiders said.

Why would anyone be afraid to go on the record for this story? Later, there are quotes but they are just identified as staffers.

The Department of Education’s “Situation Room” — a multi-agency team that handles all reports of COVID-19-positive teachers and students — should have extended the quarantine to the four girls and their close contacts, staffers contend.

“At the end of the day, our safety is not a priority,” one said.

The administrators are willing to risk teachers' health but the teachers are still too scared of the administrators to call them out by name and use their own names. I'm glad they called Sue Edelman but anyone who I felt did not make my health a priority would not get off without me naming them and utilizing my own name.

Sue has two other pieces this weekend. One is on the no-fail grading policy that was leaked to her that I think most will oppose. The other is on DOE attendance which varies widely from school to school. It is amazing that 152 NYC schools reported perfect in-person attendance. Say what you will about Arthur Goldstein going over to Unity and we have criticized his lack of criticism for Mulgrew since his conversion, but Arthur will still speak out about DOE folly and he is not afraid to use his name.

From the Post:

Stunningly, 152 schools reported 100% in-person attendance.

At one of those schools, Francis Lewis HS in Queens, teacher Arthur Goldstein called the  figure “ridiculous.”

Firstly, Francis Lewis gives its 4,500 students all-remote instruction. Students may come to school one or two days a week only for tutoring and other support services.

Secondly, Goldstein said, “No school ever has 100% attendance. Students get sick, students have other issues. Even before COVID, we never had 100% attendance. It’s impossible.”

Francis Lewis listed remote attendance at 94%.

Keep up the great reporting, Sue. If I was ever in charge of the UFT, I would ask Sue how much money she wants to be the editor of the NY Teacher. She's done their job better than them for years.


Anonymous said...

What are we doing about all this other than submitting?

Anonymous said...

Of course the numbers are ridiculous. Arthur is stating the obvious in calling out the DOE. What’s not obvious is why isn’t the UFT becoming involved in this? Arthur hasn’t called the UFT out on that. I believe the numbers help both entities, UFT and DOE, quelling the public’s overwhelming aversion and disapproval of the schools reopening. The thing that the UFT chooses to ignore is that most teachers disagree with it as well. Not that Mulgrew sought any type of consensus on that issue. Another example of the UFT remaining silent, not for kids or teachers, but for deBlasio and Carranza. Mulgrew does not care about teachers or kids.

Anonymous said...

I read the attendance article too. No school ever has 100 percent attendance. You can rarely get 100 percent attendance in one of your classes for the day. The problem is nobody is holding the schools accountable for anything.

Anonymous said...

8:10, yes no one holds the schools (admins) accountable. You are correct. But. they are just covering their asses as most with $200,000 a year jobs would. The real issue is no one is holding parents accountable and they are the first step in getting a kid to school. I remember when I was in the South Bronx and they only way to get delinquent parents to send delinquent kids to school was to threaten to take their welfare. It is terribly sad, the state of parenting AND schools in low income NYC.

Anonymous said...

It's official, grading policy has been sent to schools. No falling marks. Nx for high school.

Anonymous said...

And the schmuck continue going in.

According to NYC Schools we've had 798 confirmed cases since 9/14 (9/8 staff returned to buildings): 354 student & 444 staff cases as of 10/23. As of last week 20% of students had consent forms for testing: no possibility of "random" testing when 80% students can't be tested.

Anonymous said...

The crazy part about the no fail policy is that, it's the first marking period. Who cares? It doesn't go on a transcript? It's not like they don't all get four months to make it up.

More brilliance from the DOE...

Steven said...

My grades are due today. I'm passing 5%, because that is honest. Fuck the chancellor. In solidarity with morals...Steven

Anonymous said...

10:03: Good for you. It's nice to know some teachers still have integrity. Don't worry the NX is going to be viewed by admin. as a failing grade anyway.

Anonymous said...

@9:44 Then its official, teachers are babysitters. It’s now the DOBS - Department of Babysitting (and Bullshit)

Anonymous said...

Where is that policy, I havent seen it, I put in 45-50-55.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,

Please see the attached DOE grading policy for this school year. One important item from the policy:

Grades 9-12 Schools may select their grading scales for marking period and final grades.
‘NX’ must be used in the following cases:
• Students receive an ‘NX’ in place of failing grades.
• Students receive an ‘NX’ if there is insufficient work to calculate a final grade

Anonymous said...

Wow, just got it sent, yes we are babysitters. What a joke. I'm with this live teaching shit. I'm posting videos and daily assignments. Why bother?

Anonymous said...

What the fuck, now I have to go in and delete each grade, one by one? What a bunch of assholes.

Anonymous said...

Mayor is saying right now that attendance is 88%. What a fucking liar. I must be the one school with 15% attendance.

Anonymous said...

The NX is for the whole year.

jack said...

Ya know what I learned today, the guy who teaches from bed is right, look what the DOE wants...They want diplomas based on nothing, free grades for everybody, and pushing through the undedeving. Why should I bust my balls when I keep getting kicked in the teeth. My hard gets me nowhere except getting my grades questioned and getting ignored by students who then magically "did enough" to get the credit in January and June.

Anonymous said...

What’s the UFT have to say about all this? If nothing, then it’s another agreement by acquiescence.

Anonymous said...

So I must give a due date which can be completely ignored and there can be no penalty?

So I'm required to teach live everyday but students never have to be there, have no requirements, no standards, can do no work but I must say they met requirements?

So if they don't have to be there and there are no due dates and no enforcement of rules...What do they have to do? I know they have to do nothing but what must they do? I've eliminated all penalties and students don't have to be there. What is left?

"Expectations for due dates and submission of late work: Schools must adjust their deadlines and
expectations for submission of assignments to acknowledge the significant impact of COVID-19 on
students’ experiences. These adjustments may include extending deadlines for individual students,
taking into consideration the personal loss, illness, or other trauma that students may be experiencing.
Schools are encouraged to lessen or eliminate penalties for late work beyond these adjusted
deadlines. Due dates must be clearly documented for students and take into consideration timelines
for entering grades.

Attendance may not count toward grades: Attending school, participating in class, and demonstrating
understanding are all essential components of student learning, and school communities must make
every effort to ensure that students attend school, with a goal of every student, every day. Students’
grades must reflect the extent to which they have met the learning outcomes for their courses. At the
high school level, any student who achieves the learning outcomes for a course must be granted
credit, as described in guidance from the New York State Education Department. When students
attend remote and blended learning consistently, they have the greatest opportunity to make
progress, receive support from their teachers, and demonstrate their learning. Schools have flexibility
in determining the factors that contribute to grades as described in their school-wide grading policies.
With the understanding that course time is no longer a requirement for earning credit, courses that
currently include attendance as a factor in student grades must remove that factor completely.
Schools should use Insight to monitor attendance trends and guide continuous improvement

Erica said...

We couldn't go remote for reasons
1. The students and parents demanded in person...That was a total lie, nobody is showing up live.

2. Mayor and chancellor said students learn better in person.
They now say that students don't have to show up at all in person or remotely but can achieve credit. How are they learning then?

Anonymous said...

Make sure you save your students names somewhere. They may be operating on you one day because schools had to pass them and harvard had to give them degrees. We keeping giving and giving. People need to be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

Let's just hope they're not flying planes.

Anonymous said...

The scabs and the guy sleeping thorugh work have been proven right, I guess. No comment about any of this from UFT.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing news in The Post! There is more water on the moon than originally thought! This is going to help us how? Will the water have the cure for Covid? Will it help the economy get back on its feet? Will it end racism? I just know I"m a lot more comfortable knowing there's more water on the moon than we all originally thought! I always said, "You know I bet there's more water on the moon, than we really think there is!"

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what 1:11 is referencing...Anyway, do they give medical degrees and pilot licenses because those students had experienced a difficult issue? A free diploma? I sure hope not. Why do we? Because the students don't measure up. That is the only reason. If students deserve to pass you dont have to flood the system with fraud to ensure students pass.

Anonymous said...

After originally hearing that covid testing was required, someone said it is optional without this true?I agreed. But now, I feel like if they are not testing our maskless students, why should I agree?

Anonymous said...

LOL. "At least once." An email from the DOE says 280,000 students have attended school in person "at least once." Just a week ago we were still hearing that half of the city's million-plus students were opting for in-person.

Anonymous said...

Got denied by Principal today to work from home.

Told me 2 teachers are working from home already and they make 20% so I have to continue to report. Isn't it 20% of remotes must be in building??

Anonymous said...

A recently retired AP who is 55 told me when we golfed over the summer,”why put in the grind when the doe will just rubber stamp everything. Keep quiet, put your head down, try to beat the kids out of the building at 2:30 and get out at 55 and work on your short game!” That’s a good motto!

I feel for the tier 6 people.

Heck, to have to be tier 6 and work until close to 67. I couldn’t do that

This will be interpreted as ‘this dude isn’t a real educator’ bla bla bla. And maybe I’m not, but I have my sanity and sleep well at night.

It’s a shame this system is how it is and my kids know that if they want to go into teaching, then I will stop paying their college tuition(they know I’m serious also) but I do what I can do, then 230 comes and my real life begins. Not apologizing for that either.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 1:29–Just listen to the Andy Williams beautiful version of Moon River—to help you calm down and ease some of your fears.

Anonymous said...

Now they are telling remote only parents they can opt into blended only for next week. After that no more opt in for the rest of the year. Step right up.... one time only... they are like use car salesmen.

Anonymous said...


You're correct, they can only mandate 20 percent to stay in building on any given day. If there is 10 remote teachers, they can rotate any 2 they want to come into building.

Anonymous said...

UFT President Michael Mulgrew--City put out a grading policy. Not discussed with us. Should've come up with something more flexible. We will look at it and decide what to do. DOE hasn't done much work because it's very similar to last year's.

Well then dues are worth it if they doe doesnt even talk to the uft and implements stupidity.