Monday, November 23, 2020


President Mulgrew's email to parents is below. Please  note that he is advocating a regional approach to reopening buildings. 

Did he ask his members how they want to proceed? Our position is the UFT should canvass to see who wants to return to working in-person quickly and move from there. Perhaps, there are sufficient UFTers who want to work in the buildings to adequately staff them for the minority of students who want in-person instruction in a pandemic.


Bronx ATR said...

Mulgrew embodies all the negative traits he and his toadies threw on Trump. Mulgrew works for himself and could care less what teachers think. If he canvasses anyone, it’ll be the two ATRs, TweedleDee and TweedleDum, that were used as his statistical sample for the ATR buyouts. NYC teachers and their students seem to overwhelming want to be completely remote until there is a drastic change in the trajectory of this virus. (We can ascertain that just with attendance - real attendance, not the absurdly skewed data that is touted by Mulgrew and DeBlasio.) That seems sensible when viewed under the double threat of winter and systemic incompetence. Mulgrew endangers, contradicts and betrays the very constituency that pays his salary, and that he has a moral and fiduciary obligation to uphold. A vote of no confidence might remind him who he works for and remind the rank and file of their collective strength. Extremely important when looked at under future potential devastating cuts and Mulgrew’s anemic leadership.

Erica said...

Before I get to that, Mr. Mulgrew, I hear we have a Town Hall today.  Can't wait.  The first statement should be to announce when we are getting the spring break pay you promised to negotiate.  Didn't you say you were negotiating that in October 2020? I'm not too smart, I became a teacher, but October is gone.  

I also see you wrote a letter to parents.  Great.  Did you ask teachers their opinion or that doesn't matter?  Which should I be concerned about more...
Getting covid in a school building
Getting pushed off a subway platform
Getting shot on the way to work
Getting robbed

I never dreamed you would become such an inconsiderate lowlife.

Pretty much the same as last week.  Nobody is attending.  Anyway, aren't these students considered truant? When are we opening cases?   I'm talking about truancy. Every minor in NYS is required to go to school. A child with unexcused absences can have an ACS case opened. NYPD picks up truant students all the time and drops them off at schools. 
Students who have 0% attendance can pass, right?
Can you give us the rules, please?
If live instruction is so important, how can students no-show and pass?
How is it that every teacher I talk to in many different schools have almost nobody showing up for class but somehow the attendance rate in NYC is 88%?

My updated attendance numbers as of 11/23/20.  Keep in mind, the term is now over half over, this is my overall student attendance.  Highest graduation rates ever, with nobody attending. Sounds legit. 

Joe said...

Joe here,

Well, Well, Well...

Off to another good start.

No students yet.

10:10 AM.

As expected.

Dow up 200+. More good vaccine news.

Maybe I will be back in the building by September 2021.

I enjoyed reading the back and forth about race, some of you live in a dream world. But hey, to each, his own. All we can do is look in the mirror and see where we stand in the world. For some, not a pretty picture.

Can't wait for the uft town hall, I'm the non member who is going to the special members only event. That is what you guys are paying for? Can't wait for the riveting questions.
Can;t wait for every caller to thank Mulgrew for all his hard work.

As dumb as I thought.

Anyway, I'm doing some online shopping. It is almost Black Friday.


Anonymous said...

The town hall meeting is going to be a big farce as usual. People won't ask him the really important questions and if they do, he'll just beg the question and give some bs vague answer the way politicians do. I might listen just for entertainment value.

Anonymous said...

He is no longer our president. He's the president of the United Federation of Parents now.

Anonymous said...

Why in the hell is writing emails to parents. Mulgrew works for us! Did he ask us what we want? I HATE HIM.

Blundered_Learning said...

Evidently SMART goals do not apply to anyone over teacher pay grade. Witness DiB's answer on when schools are reopening: "Could reopen in the next few weeks".
Imagine you giving that answer when asked to produce your lesson plans, pacing calendar, grades,or anything else required of you.

My campus closed 2 weeks ago, the last day teachers outnumbered students.

See you on The Call.

Anonymous said...

Do we know yet when the schools will reopen?

James Eterno said...

Depends on the virus.

Anonymous said...

A rare remark about fairness for white families:
mayor admits he and doe chancellor
botched their campaign to eliminate the SHSAT exam for specialized schools to boost black and brown kids. "We don’t want to hurt Asian Americans or white New Yorkers and their kids either."

Anonymous said...

This ridiculous parent letter is also another example of Mulgrew jockeying for the AFT presidency in anticipation of, if Mamashrew gets the Ed cabinet position with maybe President Biden. Remember Mulgrew isn’t stupid, he just works for himself.

Anonymous said...

Let the bald treacherous cretin mildew get dues from the parents.

Anonymous said...

Kamala Harris on $13,500 teacher pay raise proposal: "Let's pay them their value"

But the uft said we had great pay raises.

Anonymous said...

Vote of no confidence for Mulgrew now! He simply does give a shit about us during the pandemic and we sure as hell can't trust him for the next round of contract negotiations. (That is if he does not get the AFT job when Whinegarten gets her Secretary of Education gig)

TJL said...

A teacher who runs his/her class correctly makes it so a student with 0 attendance doesn't pass except in the most rare circumstances. If they don't attend my class 99.9% of students can't solve a trigonometric equation. So there's no way they're showing mastery without attendance. Case closed.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Janet Yellen, DOW up 400.

Joe said...

Joe here,

Hope everyone had a good day.

As you listen to Mr. Mulgrew today, consider the pandering questions.

Then consider why you pay dues.

Then consider the danger he puts us in.

Then consider the retro-12 years without interest...That he agreed to...

The consider teachers strikes all over the country, but not us.

Then consider the 10% raises over 7+ years.

Then remember how he seems to care for parents more than dues payers.

Then ask him what schools he has been in and for how many hours.

Then think about the teachers who got sick or died in March, September, October, November and how he is in a rush to send us back again.

The robust testing program-He can't even get 20% of parents to sign

The testing and tracing, where we get info from the NY Post a week later.

Based on what has gone on the past years, every question should put him on the spot. I bet none will.

You should loathe him a lot more than you loathe me.

Anonymous said...

So, Cuomo has now said some parts of the city are already in the Orange Zone—parts of Staten Island and the the Bronx. DeBlasio expects the entire city be in the Orange Zone by early December—which means schools are mandated to be closed—yet he is working on a plan to carefully open D75, early childhood, and as many k-5 buildings as possible—and then the worry about the older students —later on down the road. Imagine all the chaos and confusion that will be created—and it seems that Mulgrew is all part of this madness—as he seeks the validation of the parents that have already figured out the schools are not safe—because of the the faulty stats of testing and risky safety protocols.

Anonymous said...

I'm on the townhall with Mulgrew listening to him spout bullshit.

He doesn't have enough sides of his mouth to talk out of.

What about the fact that we have students that are being switched to different teachers and schedules for the 3rd time this year because of all this shuffling between remote and hybrid?

Anonymous said...

They tell me attendance doesnt count then ask me why attendance is bad, then tell me i should reach out more? Then say no show students dont understand the assignments.