Tuesday, November 24, 2020


I came upon School Personnel lost to Covid this evening on Twitter. It really saddened me to read tragic stories of so many educators who have been taken from us by COVID-19. One of them was David Olivieri, a Western NY math teacher who died from COVID-19 earlier this month. Our thoughts and prayers are with David's family and everyone else who has lost loved ones from this horrible disease.

Please help us advocate to keep school buildings closed until there is no community spread of COVID-19 or until we can get a safe and effective vaccine widely distributed. 

Please stay safe over the holiday weekend. We don't want anyone added to this page.


Anonymous said...

Mulgrew and Carranza don't care. How could all of you forgive this?

Joe said...

Joe here,

This speaks volumes.

Many of the teachers here make me embarrassed to be a teacher. Keep feeding the shit that is destroying us. They prove they don't care about us over and over. Keep paying dues. Keep going into infected buildings even though state rule says no more than 10. Even death doesn't wake you up. How awful.

Anonymous said...

Carranza is the lapdog for the mayor and we all know that. However, Mulgrew represents us and he is NOT doing his job. Has he asked the in school teachers what THEY want? He is all about appeasing the media and parents and his latest emails and town halls have openly proven this to be true. He needs to go.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for what you do, and have a safe and happy holiday, James!

Unknown said...

I work in D75 and enjoy going in person.BUT if the self-centered gov insists on sending us back with high numbers, I will apply for remote, which I do qualify for...D75 does not get tested and many can't/won't wear a mask.if they would keep those few home or test them, I would love to keep working in person.why would he and MULDOO send us in even if we go to red?the testing they promised was a sham, and supposedly, now testing supplies are coming into short supply. I wonder if he plans on throwing us all back on monday.when will he tell us?I cant believe cuomo wins an award!sickening.i could go on and nauseam, but it's all been said.with Mullldoo's blessing g, there is nobody to fight for us anymore. Doe broke bromides of ventilation...they all work at home
Reminds me of Antz and Chicken Run movies.we work for the colony!
Dare speak up and we get 3020a.

Anonymous said...

Good Mornin’ James,
You’ve done a great service for all NYC teachers and retirees with your blog - especially during the pandemic, and for those who had only read Chaz prior to his untimely passing. Chaz had a tradition that I was very fond of - his annual golden turkey award. He would list the rogue’s gallery of nominees and then choose the most egregious villain , for the not so prestigious, golden turkey. As heir apparent to the education blogger throne, please consider the candidates. (I’m much too biased toward the usual suspects to do so myself.) Happy Thanksgiving.

James Eterno said...

Chaz and I were colleagues at Jamaica HS. Rather than giving golden turkeys, could some more of his readers please donate to St Judes Children's Hospital in his name. A former student who was taught by both of us set up a donation page in Chaz's name.