Friday, November 11, 2022


There is some excellent analysis of the midterm election results from Ross Barkan's Political Currents. He writes mainly about how Democrats lost the Asian vote in New York but here is his take on the overall results:

Democrats under these circumstances—the midterm backlash, the unpopular president, persistently high inflation—performed quite well, flipping Pennsylvania, holding onto governor’s mansions in the Midwest, and even knocking out a few House Republicans. It’s plausible, at this point, Democrats will keep the Senate, something I did not think would happen on Tuesday morning. Mark Kelly holds a lead in Arizona and Raphael Warnock can defeat Herschel Walker in a runoff. In Nevada, Catherine Cortez Masto is behind, but she’s not dead yet as votes are waiting to be counted in Democratic areas.

Now let's talk about New York where the statewide Democratic incumbents Kathy Hochul, Chuck Schumer, Tish James, and Tom DeNapoli won but Republicans may have won the House of Representatives by turning over seats in New York including where I live (NY 3). But:

They [Republicans] chipped away at the Assembly’s Democratic majority, though it appears it will remain veto-proof. The Long Island washout hurt State Senate Democrats, but redistricting had been kinder to them, and they were able to net seats elsewhere. On the state level, at least, Democrats will be in full control, with progressives and socialists able to advocate for tangible change in Albany.

What does total Democratic control in Albany and probably some kind of split government in DC mean for public education? 

I very much doubt the charter school cap will be lifted. As for funding, even if the federal government makes some budget cuts, money for education more than likely won't be gutted. If New York's new Congressmen are the difference in making a Republican majority in the House, they have to do something for their constituents or they will be quite vulnerable in 2024. They will be blamed if funds for schools are cut. 

Does anyone have an opinion on how the next two years will go?


John Q. Teacher said...

Since the teachers unions all backed dems in this state, how about they help us out by tweaking our pensions? (Let tier 4 teachers retire after 25 years of service regardless of age?)

Bronx ATR said...

I believe Hochul will lift charter school caps in New York State, as she said she would during her debate. This may be seen as the ultimate way to cut expenses. As charter schools increase, the public school salaries and health benefits will decrease. Adams is by far the worst mayor we have ever had in New York, even worse than the idealist deBlasio and that is saying something. Adams doesn’t have an original idea or strong opinion of his own and he only cares about looking and sounding good. Even though I disagree with many of Dr. Banks opinions, I believe that charter school CEO and NYCDOE Chancellor Dr. Banks is a much smarter politician with an ethical backbone. But what does it say when we have a charter school CEO as a NYC schools’ chancellor? Mulgrew has to be in panic mode. Mulgrew will do whatever he can to screw over the retirees in order to try to save and hang on to what he has now, at least on a year to year basis for public schools. It won’t work. He is deeply in the process of losing the respect and support of the retirees, and the city will go after public school teachers benefits next. Hulchal will just go along with whoever tells her what to do, as she also has no real opinions or thoughts of her own either. Crime will continue to escalate unabated and people will escalate their mass exodus from the five boroughs if they have the means to do so. If the UFT was truly being run by teachers it would be fighting all of this, not facilitating it.

James Eterno said...

Hochul, Banks, and Adams can't lift the charter cap without Legislative approval from Albany. With big Democratic majorities still in place in both chambers up there, I don't see it happening.

liberals=ccp2323 said...

TRump is 216-19 that's with Hochul cheating and the disgusting cheating in Arizona and Nevada. So close to controlling the house and senate. James, the crime and policies of Hochul and the dems are destroying the state. Hence, 200,000 kids left the DOE and fled new york. I heard Hochul was the real estate agent of the year.

As usual, Bronx ATR is correct with his assessment. We are in the midst of no raises, no per session raise, and possibly paying healthcare out of our pockets, walls closing in fast on shady Mulgrew and the politics of the left.

If Hochul plans in September to mandate covid for kids, you will see public education crumbling down strangely like building 7 on 9/11, homeschooling central.

James Eterno said...

Went upstate last weekend. Pretty nice. NY isn't being destroyed by Hochul.

Where is your evidence on cheating in Arozona and Nevada?

liberals=ccp2323 said...

James you are kidding right? It takes 5 days to "count" in corrupt Maricopa and in Nevada. 22 million people in Florida and 7 million in Arizona; why can't a state with less than 1/3 of the population do the same? Cheatinggggg, especially when Hobbs is in charge of the election. If this was roles reversed 24/7 mainstream coverage.

Your right is being destroyed by all the dems Adams, Leticia James, Mulgrew, Hochul . One of hundred articles.

James Eterno said...

They are still counting in plenty of places. Arizona and Nevada just happen to be quite close.

This is from NPR so you will discount it but facts are facts.

Counting is still ongoing across the country
Regardless of state laws and practices, though, almost all jurisdictions in the U.S. are still technically counting and processing votes.

In Leon County, Fla., officials there said in a statement that even though they "have the overwhelming majority of ballots counted and election results reported by election night," there is still work that needs to be done. That includes processing provisional ballots and ballots from abroad.

Patrick says even though the media calls races on election night, "there isn't a state in the nation that declares winners on Election Day because they still have so much work to do," which includes curing mail ballot signatures and processing overseas votes.

Ultimately, she says, Arizona is under this kind of scrutiny mostly because of the political importance of the outcomes of key races there, as well as how close vote margins have gotten in Arizona. She says because the media feels less comfortable calling the race right now, the perception is that this is taking much longer.

ed notes online said...

Republicans control Arizona state and put in the rules for elections and counting. They are slow due to signature verification and both parties having to agree - so this is a faux fake news argument about cheating in Arizona.
Same with nevada where people are allowed to drop off paper ballots the day of election. You guys attack voting machines but complain when we have to count paper ballots. Florida is all automatic because of debacle in 2000 when the Republican Supreme Court stopped the vote to give it to Bush.
Hang those chads.

JP said...

But the budget. But our contract.

Migrant crisis costing NYC 'at least' $600M a year, fiscal watchdog figures

Holden said...

with the 25 limit class mandate, they are going to need a lot more teachers and space. Where will that money come from I wonder.

liberals=ccp2323 said...

OK ED RIGHT. So 4 republicans, mcmasters, lake, walker and laxly allllll will lose the closest raiser thin margins 1 week after. No way there is corruption, you are lost. Weak argument stick to education like James.

SHHHHHH lets not talk about the funding cheating scandal, shhhhhhhhhhhhh.,you guys are clowns, living in a warped world.