Saturday, December 03, 2022


The giant UFT publicity machine is out there shamelessly trying to fool us with a seven-bullet flier and a different lengthy save-the-code-amend-the-code piece filled with disinformation. Marianne Pizzitola has done another video challenging the UFT claim that the UFT is trying to preserve choice of medical plans so we need to change Administrative Code 12-126. In reality, Michael Mulgrew has been trying to limit choice since 2020 as this new video from Marianne shows. 

Below is part of the letter on the Request for Proposal for the Medicare Advantage Plan for City Medicare-eligible retirees that Marianne refers to in the video. It is from November 18, 2020.

The MLC question is in the middle column. The City answer is on the right. Notice the City answering that they intended to end most options for Medicare-eligible retirees back on November 18, 2020 and the Municipal Labor Committee went with this Request for Proposal. It would have been implemented except it was stopped in court because it violated Administrative Code 12-126 which protects our healthcare.

Michael Mulgrew has been trying to limit choice for retirees who are Medicare eligible since 2020. He is not fighting to change the law that protects our healthcare (Administrative Code 12-126) to preserve choice. That is disinformation. Don't think active UFTers won't be next if Mulgrew gets his way. Preserve 12-126!


Bronx ATR said...

Mulgrew has been boldly (and until now successfully) trying to limit healthcare for all of us since the 2014. Then again for the 2018 contract, he proposed undefined healthcare savings for the city. Your blog, my blog, Chaz’s and South Bronx all pleaded to vote no on the contract, in large part because of the undefined healthcare savings that were built in for the city. ( I find it somewhat infuriating now when reading another blog by one who defected into the Unity Party claiming that this proposal was hidden in someway. Well I guess it’s better to have realized a mistake and try to fight it afterwards, than to admit you were dead wrong.) What I learned years ago in business law class in high school was that you can’t enter into a contract in which something proposed is illegal. I believe that nullifies the 2018 contract at least in the aspect of undefined healthcare savings. Thank you for all you do, James.

John Q. Teacher said...

She needs to challenge Mulgoon to a debate on the healthcare topic. Oh wait, he refused to debate in the last UFT election. He's too busy licking Adams' boots these days.

James Eterno said...

5:53, Please post via your Google account or email me at and I will gladly post your comment.

Ken said...

I smell some unrefrigerated fish here. The UFT leadership is just too nervous. What did they do that they don't want us finding out about? Something is wrong with this entire picture. Why has the UFT resorted to playing with the facts? Something very soon is going to blow up in their faces and then we will know what is going on "behind the scenes." I have more trust in Marianne and her group then I ever had for the UFT. Send the word to UFT leadership, debate Marianne on the issues. I dare you. James, Marianne and everyone else, keep up the good work!

waitingforsupport said...

Yes. Keep up the excellent work.