Monday, April 03, 2023


Please listen closely to this video from Marianne Pizzitola. Marianne reports that Michael Mulgrew and Henry Garrido are about to negotiate the active and non-Medicare healthcare contracts. They may be eliminating all of the healthcare choices except for HIP-HMO and possibly a new AETNA plan. 

Here is the caption to her latest video:

Due to the Moratorium Act, @uftnyc couldn’t screw retirees without doing the same to in service workers or he’d face litigation!  We hear this week begins negotiations for the in-service workers healthcare plan and it’s been said they are eliminating all health care plans, except for HiP HMO and replacing the Emblem plan (GHICBP) with Aetna. That’s it!  First they came for retirees. Now they come for you.  What did Michael Mulgrew get for that?

If you want to do something about all of this, then exercise your constitutional right and sign our petition to demand a member referendum on any significant changes to healthcare.

My understanding is we are approaching 4,000 people who have added their names. That is in less than two weeks. We need 10% of the membership (about 19,500) to call for a vote in writing to get that referendum. Sign and spread the word, please. 


John Q. Teacher said...

James, can you explain how this works? According the news, Adams and the MCL already signed on to putting us into Aetna. If this is true, what would a petition do to stop this from happening?

James Eterno said...

Petition is calling for a member referendum on healthcare changes as per the UFT Constitution. If 10% sign on, there is a vote.

Read the UFT Constitution, we have the final say on just about any matter but we have to demand it.

John Q. Teacher said...

James, but if there is a vote and the members vote not to change healthcare, does that mean we keep what we have or will Adams just force us into Aetna?

ed notes online said...

Mulgrew has argued that UFT members support him and thus he can do what he wants. Would getting a vote of members to reject healthcare changes? Not for sure but for the political world of politicians it would send a message that voting counts and undermines Mulgrew's ability to take unilateral action.

Joe said...

Nypd tentative agreement

2017 - 2.25
2018 - 2.5
2019 - 3.0
2020 - 3.25
2021 - 3.25
2022 - 3.5
2023 - 3.5
2024 - 4.0

28.25 compounded

Prolly get lump sum all at once.

But hey let's Do another social media campaign for better work hours.

Not looking like anytime soon for us if they planning events for April and may