Thursday, April 27, 2023


From City and State:

In a surprise Thursday evening press conference, Gov. Kathy Hochul announced a “conceptual agreement” on the state budget nearly a month after the spending plan was due. She highlighted changes to the bail law, new charter schools and a free bus pilot program in New York City. The plan is expected to total $229 billion.

From the UFT:

Michael Mulgrew on Kathy Hochul last  October:

Hochul did it better than anyone's else. Best friend to public education that this union has ever had in the governor's office.

Our best friend let us down today.


Unknown said...

They send the students back to public schools anyway

John Q. Teacher said...

I don't really care about charter school caps. However, I do have 4 years left till retirement and I am concerned about the upcoming contract. The UFT keeps yammering about a, "Fair Contract Now!". But the reality is that they have not listed one example of what a fair contract would entail. We already know that we are only getting a 3% raise due to pattern bargaining. What does a fair contract look like in regard to working conditions? Inquiring minds want to know.