Friday, May 06, 2016


Ballots for the UFT election were mailed out yesterday. Here are the numbers for each division:

·        The total number of ballots that were printed and mailed is 189,469
o   Elementary: 35, 606
o   JHS: 11,197
o   HS (Academic/CTE): 19,539
o   Functional Chapters: 46, 731
o   Retiree: 62,991

If we want to change the union, here is what we need to do:
  • Mark an [X] in the MORE-NEW ACTION box to vote for our entire slate of candidates
  • Tear off the front page of the ballot
  • Place the ballot in the secret ballot envelope
  • Place the envelope in the outer postage paid envelope
  • Seal it all and drop it in a mailbox.
Then spread the word to everyone you know to vote MORE-NEW ACTION. It is a monumental task to reach close to 200,000 members.


Anonymous said...

Please note that one can vote for multiple candidates from multiple caucuses if one chooses candidates independently.

Anonymous said...

Why bother? It is a waste of effort splitting a ballot. We need change. Only way to get it is with entire MORE -NEW ACTION slate.

Anonymous said...

I think MORE/New Action is going to see many more votes
So many teachers pissed off at Unity

Bob said...

Because its 3 way, Unity wins. Solidarity and More will split leaving Unity as winners...Needed to be 1 on 1.

Anonymous said...

Solidarity has no slate. So they won't be getting many votes

Anonymous said...

Nor do they deserve any votes.