Monday, May 02, 2016


I read last night and we posted last week about how the UFT and NYSUT are being investigated over possibly making illegal campaign contributions to state politicians. It looks as though the multiple probes going on all over the state are as politically motivated as they are based on criminal behavior. We would like to see the charter school fundraising investigated too.

As to how this ties in with the upcoming UFT election, the huge campaign contributions our union gives to politicians seem to be our only strategy to push our agenda. This is a bankrupt game plan but it is all the Michael Mulgrew-Unity Caucus leadership has to offer. We need a union where the membership is actively involved in fighting for our schools, our profession and our kids. Our power comes from an actively engaged membership and not by trying to pay politicians to support us.

If you are a UFT member and you want change, you can help right now!

  •  Distribute MORE-NEW ACTION campaign literature in your school this week. I have thousands of leaflets that I will be dropping off to contacts in the next few days after school but we don't have people in every school. If your school needs to hear our message, email me at or contact MORE directly. We will get you the leaflets.
  • Adopt a neighboring school or schools and get the leaflets out to them. You have a right to distribute campaign literature in mailboxes on non work time.
  • Ask people to fill out the MORE-NEW ACTION palm card to commit to voting for MORE-NEW ACTION.
  • When the ballot arrives at home (they will be mailed out this week), it is easy to vote for the entire MORE-NEW ACTION slate. Just put an [X] in the MORE-NEW ACTION box, tear the first page out, put the first page in the secret ballot envelope, place that envelope in the outside envelope and then drop it in any mailbox.
  • Help any colleagues who may be confused as to how to vote as the process looks more complicated than it actually is.
MORE has put out a series of videos. This one is great. It features elementary school vice presidential candidate Lauren Cohen and presidential candidate Jia Lee.

Or try this one featuring Michelle Baptiste.

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