Saturday, May 28, 2016


On this page are the vote totals from the American Arbitration Association for the officers and vice presidents.

Some of our candidates went way over 10,800 votes with Lauren Cohen leading the way and Greg DeStefano and Camille Eterno right behind. These are the highest opposition totals since 2001 and we won the high schools.

I didn't have slate numbers at first because unlike in past elections, the AAA didn't give them to us by division as they were available. Slate numbers were buried at the bottom of the report and thanks to Francesco Portelos, I found them this morning. Sorry about missing them.


The slate numbers at first glance make absolutely no sense since some Unity candidates and one of MORE-NEW ACTION's received fewer total votes than the slate totals. It must be the capping of the retiree vote at 23,500 that explains this. The slate numbers were a raw vote and not weighted. This does make sense as Unity's strongest division is the retirees.

Jia Lee, MORE/NEW ACTION          10,743.073
Michael Mulgrew, Unity                       39,175.623
Francesco Portelos, Solidarity               1,455.958

Camille Eterno, MORE/NAC:              10,815.386
Howard Schoor, Unity                            38,851.577
Michael Herman, Solidarity:                   1,466.236

Assistant Secretary
Carol Ramos-Widom, MORE/NAC         10,773.42
Leroy Barr, Unity                                        38,858.577
Christopher Wierzbicki, Solidarity             1,466.446

Kate Martin-Bridge, MORE/NAC             10,762.691
Mel Aaronson, Unity                                   38,991.073
Victor Jordon, Solidarity                              1,387.992

Assistant Treasurer
Gregory Distefano, MORE/NAC                 10,840.012
Thomas Brown, Unity                                    38,906.127
Felix Backer, Solidarity                                 1,368.992

Vice President At Large
Minday Rosier, MORE/NAC                        10,714.317
Evelyn De Jesus, Unity                                   38,964.436
Scott Krivitsky, Solidarity                               1435.755

Vice President Elementary Schools
Lauren Cohen, MORE/NAC                            10,867.943
Karen Alford, Unity                                           38,901.127                                                    
Poonita Beemsigne, Solidarity                           1,333.439

Vice President Intermediate/Middle Schools
Nelson Santiago, MORE/NAC                         10,806.317
Richard Mantell, Unity                                       38,850.058
Nancy Zazulka, Solidarity                                   1,416.271

Vice President Academic High Schools
James Eterno, MORE/NAC                              10,762.351
Janella Hinds, Unity                                           38,866.088
John Silvers, Solidarity                                       1,440.378

Vice President CTE High Schools
Christine Gross, MORE/NAC                            10,748.557
Sterling Roberson, Unity                                     38.824.951
Judeth Napoli, Solidarity                                      1,474.137

Vice President Special Education
Margaret Hobson-Shand, MORE/NAC               10,626.622
Carmen Alvarez, Unity                                         39,119.34
Eric Severson, Solidarity                                         1,391.168

Vice President NON DOE
Anne Goldman, Unity                                              39,646.455

The fractions are there because retiree votes are capped at 23,500 and after that it is pro rated based on 24,000.


Anonymous said...

So it looks like you lost to Janella Hinds by a wide margin (and Christine lost to Sterling).

But do we know how the high school teachers voted? Is there a way to recover their votes?


James Eterno said...

I think you can figure out from the Executive board numbers that the majority of high school teachers voted for Christine and me.

Anonymous said...

What about just retiree numbers?

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe Chris wierzbicky gets any teacher votes, since when he was a chapter leader he worked with principal to go after some teachers.

Francesco Portelos said...

I believe the slate numbers were at the very end of the packet here

Is that what you mean? Also among many interesting numbers is the fact that the person with the most votes was actually Ann Goldman with 39,646.

Unity Slug said...

Did your visit to the hospital to organize nurses result in getting Goldman MORE votes?

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Maybe instead of Mulgrew worrying about a $10 increase in Teachers Choice he should do something about the Zero Discipline DOE.

James Eterno said...

Thanks for directing me to the slate numbers Francesco. We have updated the posting.