Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Today is our fourth open school evening in the single session high schools while other divisions will do this later in the week. Whether we keep doing four open school nights a year is supposed to sunset every year.

Have you been polled about the length of the school day for next year by the UFT? I have not.

It would revert back to the default day from the last contract with four days of extra help for small groups but only two open school evenings if the union does not agree to renew the current time schedule. My understanding is that this is a year-to-year agreement. The current schedule may be to more people's liking but shouldn't we be asked?

Also, the Absent Teacher Reserve section of the contract that includes weakened due process for ATRs is supposed to end this June. Has anyone been asked how they feel about letting the 2014 agreement sunset and going back to the 2011 pact. Have there been negotiations on a new one?

A real union would be communicating with their members regularly to find out what membership wants.


Anonymous said...

I actually like the configuration of our current school schedule. I am an out of classroom teacher and was not a fan of having to push in three days a week after school for small group instruction. Also, that extra time feels like a very long time for little kids to be spending in school. Yes, staying late on Monday and Tue sucks but it is not hard by any means.

James Eterno said...

That's great but the point is that everyone should have a say.

Anonymous said...

I also am concerned with how these agreements are being renewed yearly without polling. Yes these agreements are helpful to some, however the renewal process seems to be undemocratic. Today was an absolute waste of time. If we can't create a democratic process in which all in service members vote yearly, then at least put the decision in the hand of each chapter to determine yearly based on their schools needs.

Anonymous said...

An eight hour work day is sacred to labor. Why don't we stand firm? These are exhausting, make them half-day with later start time. Don't most other districts do this?

Anonymous said...

I was the person who wrote that I like the current configuration of the school day. However, I do agree 100% that it should be voted on. Just because I like it does not make it right for others to suffer.