Thursday, October 16, 2014


This is from the AFT.  Please sign and spread it far and wide.  Karen is one of the truly great people fighting to save public education and unions.


Our union's strength is our members—your passion, dedication, commitment and courage.
Get well soon graphicNo one understands that more than Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis, who has made a career of harnessing that passion to support learning and growth—from her days as a national board-certified chemistry teacher to her masterful leadership of the CTU strike in 2012 and so much more.
Today, we're asking you to help us support Karen. Earlier this week, Karen underwent emergency surgery for a serious illness. The surgery was a success. Now we want to help Karen recuperate by showing her how much she means to us.

Will you sign our get-well card to CTU President Karen Lewis and show her how much she means to all of us?

Karen is a remarkable leader. She understands how to bring together a community around a vision, and how to inspire people to be their best, every day. Even her detractors and opponents respect Karen's leadership. Today, the Chicago Tribune—which has not always spoken favorably of Karen or our union—wrote, "We look forward to tussling again, on your side of an issue or some other. You've brightened Chicago."

While Karen recuperates, let's come together with one voice and brighten her days with an overwhelming show of love and support.

Sign the get-well card for Karen, and let her know we stand behind her.

Karen has shown us all how to be a leader in the 21st century. Her courage, compassion and dedication have inspired a city—and supporters of public education across the country—to dream big dreams for the future.

And for those of us who know her, Karen has shown us what it means to be a friend. She pushes us to be our best, to challenge our preconceptions, to give everything we can to each other and our cause.

Let's show her that we stand with her now.

In unity,

Randi Weingarten, AFT president
Lorretta Johnson, AFT secretary-treasurer
Mary Cathryn Ricker, AFT executive vice president

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