Saturday, October 04, 2014


The following statistics are taken from UFT Executive Board Minutes from a recent meeting.
  • We are waiting for the final number of discontinued teachers.  Of the number of teachers who were on probation and had it extended 261 have reached out to us. 
  • The numbers of teachers rated ineffective are between 650-700. 
  • Teachers rated developing are between 5500-6000. 
  • ATR’s are approximately 1600 which are 200 less than last year at this same time.                 (bullets were added by me)
The first questions I have on these figures: 
-What, if anything, did the UFT do for the teachers who had their probation extended? 
As only261 reached out to the UFT, it is clear the rest - many more than 261 had probation extended - are resigned to their fate and know the UFT will do little or nothing to help them.
-Are teachers covering temporary vacancies and leave replacements counted as ATRs?
-Why can't teachers rated developing appeal?  
As the UFT neglected to negotiate a procedure in the law to appeal developing ratings, the Union should now consider grieving as the basis for the ratings is junk science test scores and an observation process that both management and labor admitted was flawed and have hanged.
-How many of the ineffective ratings came from so called troubled schools?  
We complained to UFT High School Vice President Janella Hinds about the unfairness of the rating system for teachers in Jamaica HS, a closing school.  Hinds was able to convince the DOE to change the two ineffective ratings from Jamaica.  Both ineffective ratings were totally unjustified
Since 91 is 13 % of 700, 91 teachers can appeal their ineffective rating to a neutral three person arbitration panel.  The rest will appeal to the Chancellor (and lose) and then hope for the best with validators in what is now called year two status for someone rated ineffective. Another ineffective will lead to the burden of proof shifting from the DOE to the teacher in a tenured teacher dismissal hearing and more than likely the end result will be termination.


Francesco Portelos said...

The UFT has forsaken us and we need to act yesterday. The ATRs need real organization. See their stats here:

Please sign and share petition for probationary teachers discontinued. Over 600 in the last three years.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing that the UFT can do to "help" teachers who had their probation extended. The DOE always had the right to extend probation for any BS reason that they wanted. Damn shame for sure but that is the way it is.

James Eterno said...

There is nothing the UFT can do? I disagree respectfully.

The UFT can exert public pressure by highlighting some of the work of teachers who are having probation extended and then leave for the suburbs. Almost half of NYC teachers are denied tenure at least once these days. It will not be difficult to find a group of talented teachers to showcase.

We can also expose principals who routinely deny tenure to good teachers.

The UFT is usually afraid of a real fight. Instead of playing defense most of the time, why not play some offense?

Anonymous said...

The UFT only plays defense because Mulgrew is short two things: BALLS AND BRAINS

Bronx ATR said...

Mulgrew isn't stupid or spineless. He's looking out for #1. In that respect, he's brilliant. Unfortunately, for us, he's the UFT president. Look for everything to reach critical mass during the next mayoral election. Try to get out before then.